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Politics, Perception and John Edwards…

By now everybody who reads my blog should know that I’s in love with President Obama…and won’t even date Mitt Romney.

But while I use sarcasm to tear into republicans like Romney and Speaker John Boehner, I hope I never cross the line with the language I use to describe them personally. I don’t like Romney and republicans from a philosophical point of view. I don’t like their positions, I don’t like their ideology – so that colors the way I see them (much like the way the Right’s views of Obama color THEIR opinions about him).

But the language some people, on BOTH sides, use to discuss the other side makes me cringe…

Do you ever read the Comments Section where readers respond to a story? You should. Some of us appear to have little grasp of reality, are ruled/blinded by ideology and reuse to accept any other point of view but our own – even if the premise it’s built on is false.

The comments section will give you an idea how some people in this country think and how ill-informed some of us are, thinking that because we believe something IT IS TRUE. Nothing is more pathetic – to believe a lie because we are either too ideological or too ignorant to believe the TRUTH, especially if it is a truth that does not fit into our acceptance of what we want the truth to be.

Obama haters see NO good in him. He’s as black as his skin color…blacker!

Romney’s haters see ONLY bad in him. No amount of white can wash away his sins…

What are we doing? How do we see one person as “do no wrong” and the other as “be all wrong?”.

When we have this mindset determining and/or influencing the direction of a country – we’re all doomed!

I don’t agree with most Republican’s solutions to the problems facing America or the direction that America needs to go. I don’t believe TAX CUTS are the only answer or MORE WARS are the answer or TORTURE is the answer or DESTROYING THE ENVIRONMENT to benefit capitalism is the answer or that THE GOVERNMENT SHOULD LEGISLATE/CONTROL MY REPRODUCTIVE OR SEXUAL CHOICES, etc. But that does not mean that because someone takes those positions or rejects them, HE/SHE is bad.

I have NO personal attacks to make against politicians. I know little of these men’s/women’s personal lives. I guess they are abusing their families about the same as we are. I guess some of them are having affairs, forgetting important dates, probably can’t stand each other but are putting on public faces; some are very happy, some are not so happy; some are satisfied with their lives, some are not so satisfied; some have great kids, some have kids with issues.

Candidate John Edwards, with wife Elizabeth Edwards (red coat, now deceased) and kids during 2008 campaign for president.

Some like me probably think sometimes: “the only thing preventing me from pushing that child through the window is DSS!” (Department of Social Services). I’m not looking for a perfect candidate – there is NO such thing. The president is the Commander-in-chief NOT the Pastor-in-Chief! If I want a cleric as my political leader, issuing fatwas and telling me how to dress – I guess I can always move to Saudi Arabia or Iran.

Take John Edwards. He is merely opening a window and giving us a peek into the politics of ambition. Even as you read this, there are millions of male and female “John Edwards” plotting, scheming and campaigning to advance themselves and their political or OTHER careers. People planning to release information that will destroy an opponent, people planning to sleep their way to the top – regardless of whether the person they plan to sleep with is married or not – and they don’t give a hoot whom they trample on or destroy in the process…

Former President Bill Clinton and Secretary of State Hilary Clinton. Ambition paid off for THEM! Hilary Clinton is the most popular woman in America, possibly the world! Love them/her!

I see parallels with the Clinton’s. John Edwards AND HIS WIFE (we keep forgetting or intentionally omitting that Elizabeth Edwards was equally as ambitious and as vested in her husband’s AMBITION and possibly MORE so. Where is the media?)  except his wife had cancer and his wife died. If Elizabeth Edwards was alive, hale and well this would be a different story.

Newt Gingrich reportedly asked his first wife (he is on his third wife) for a divorce while she was recuperating in hospital from cancer treatments – and he was running for president while Edwards is being dismembered in court. Adultery is NOT a state/federal crime. Well, not yet…but as soon as we get a religious government, it will!

At least Mrs. Edwards had a beautiful home, the resources to get the best care and to make her life easier. There are millions of women whose husbands cheat and DO NOT TRY TO HIDE IT. They rub it in their wives faces, treat the wives like dirt and many of those wives have no car, no big house, no money, no support system and not even enough self-esteem to escape. Those wives are going through hell. Does anybody care? Or do we think that ONLY Elizabeth had to deal with a cheating spouse who had a baby with another woman – only Mrs. Edwards can lay claim to emotional outbursts? You want baby drama? Watch Jerry Springer (don’t really!). Oh yes, there are lots and lots of poor Elizabeth Edwards – and some rich ones too!

SO THE ONLY THING I’M INTERESTED IN IS THIS: Did John Edwards KNOWINGLY shift CAMPAIGN money around to COVER his affair? Whether it was to keep it from his wife or to keep it from America or to keep it from both is irrelevant to me (except protecting his wife comes off as more caring). The rest of it? Just another day in the life of an ambitious whatever…

So therefore, when this morning a pro-Obama PAC’s anti-Romney ad featuring Romney’s old company Boston-based Bain Capital came on, I switched channels. I don’t like this ad. Something about it makes me cringe. Part of Bain Capital deals with Private Equity and Leverage Buyouts. THAT IS WHAT THESE COMPANIES DO. Call Leverage Buyouts the IMF of Wall Street, the Raiders of the Lost Ark. They move in, restructure, reorganize, pick the meat and leave the bones and many times there is blood. And the blood usually pools at the bottom…

These companies I guess are like vultures – ugly, unloved birds but necessary perhaps (I guess. I don’t know much about Wall Street dealings) to keep capitalism in balance. My issue with Romney over Bain is NOT Bain per se – it’s Romney’s refusal to say that he also LOST jobs while touting that he CREATED  jobs. Bain is just a vessel. Any big company CEO is in the same boat. You open a new factory – you create jobs. You close another factory, you lose jobs. Don’t only say: I opened a new factory so I created jobs in Iowa – when you just closed a factory in Wisconsin!

Psst…president Obama!!!

If I was advising president Obama I’d tell him:

  • Pull this ad. Right church, wrong pew. Rework it to reflect on Romney’s truthfulness. I’ve had enough with the fright…
  • You had 4 years to win this election. This reminds me of the Red Sox. Spend the entire season eating chicken in the dugout – and then making a bid in the last inning with the bases loaded and one more strike. Sometimes you get the strike! Sometimes you get a walk! How lucky are you?…’Cause it’s almost too late to play ball!
  • Go after Romney’s record. It’s SO shabby even Scott Brown, the Massachusetts republican wonder-by who won Ted Kennedy’s seat is running so far away from Romney (who used to be governor of Brown’s sate when Brown was in the Massachusetts senate) that the Boston Globe ran a story about it in their May 13 Sunday issue: “Between Brown, Romney, support but little chemistry: As senator tacked to center ex-governor wooed the right”
  • Should you win again, President Obama, surround yourself with a DIFFERENT cast.
  • LISTEN to Michelle. And Sasha and Malia too, for out of the mouth of babes…
  • Wall Street types are not the only arbiters of truisms or wisdom there are! Some economists are investors, I’m sure – but not all investors are economists!

I’m just sayin’. I know you won’t listen to ordinary people like me! What do we know, we the ordinary people who DO NOT pay less taxes than our secretaries? Heck, we don’t have SECRETARIES! Matter of fact WE are the Secretaries. Did I ask what do secretaries know?

Secretaries, Mr. President, know EVERYTHING about their bosses. Who calls them, who they’re messing with, who’s blackmailing them, when they travel, where they go, whom they talk too. Oh yes, Mr. President, secretaries know! They may not have 20-million to buy shares in Google, but secretaries aint stupid!

By the way – I’m sitting here watching the President stroll onto “The View” (ABC) and soppy idiot that I am…I’m smiling from ear to ear. The audience likes him too! That man is likable. Stayed home deliberately to watch…

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PS: I post new articles Monday, Wednesday and Friday – unless there’s a major breaking story! It takes a lot of time/effort because I research, research, research!


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