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Ann Romney’s $1,000 Shirt! So NOT Elitist.

So have YOU seen Ann Romney’s thousand-dollar Designer Silk Blouse…?

Here IT is.

Ann Romney’s $990.00 designer top (5/1/2012). Wonder what she’d wear if she was part of the elite?

According to media reports: The shirt is by Designer Reed Krakoff and retails for $990.00. The designer says Mrs. Romney probably bought it at Saks or Bergdorfs. I’m NOT against Ann Romney wearing expensive shirts. I don’t really care if she wears designer or Target. 

I mention it ONLY because:

  • Republicans are still jeering about John Edwards $400.00 haircut (2007) .
  • Republicans paint Romney as a proletariat and Obama as the elite.

Don’t we all wear 1000-dollar shirts all the time. Piece of cake!

Remember THIS? Republicans tried THEN and NOW to paint Obama as the ELITIST.

Hear me again: No big deal if Ann Romney chooses to wear whatever. I’m NOT against people with money – nor am I into advising them HOW TO spend their money.
I’m NOT one of those people who think that because kids are starving, somebody should NOT buy a Lamborghini! It’s their money!

The issue for ME, as far as Romney goes is this: Your wife is wearing thousand-dollar shirts but YOU are NOT elitist?

Don’t explain. I get it. YOU think we’re stupid. Maybe that’s why you’re messing with our Frontal Lobes…?


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