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Bruins Lose – No Presidential SNUB This Season, Boston!

Boston Bruins goalie Tim Thomas won’t get to snub President Obama this time around.

Ever since THE Curt Schilling of Ice Hockey aired his dislike of the president in January…I’ve  gone OFF him big time. I want to make a suggestion to Sports figures. I’d keep my politics out of it, if I was you.

For those of you who missed the drama, Boston Bruins Ice Hockey goalie his controversy-ness, Tim Thomas, refused to join other team members for a White House ceremony in January (2012).

The Michigan native claims that he’s: Opposed to what he called the “out of control” growth of the federal government. So when President Obama invited the team to the White House for the usual congratulatory ceremony, he turned it down.

Two other players did not go. They could very well have had similar reasons but they were smart enough NOT to Tweet/Blog or snipe about it on Facebook…far as I know. 

Politics is a Divider.

Yes, you’re free to express your opinion, this is America and all. But remember, when you bring in the politics, you turn a lot of people off. I watch Big Pappy (David Ortiz, Boston Red Sox) and Tom Brady (New England Patriots) and Paul Pierce (Boston Celtics) and I see popular sportsmen…and I don’t know or CARE which party or President they support. 

I look at Tim Thomas and I see the guy who snubbed the President! 

The minute you start bringing in politics, start campaigning for a Republican or a Democrat, people begin watching YOU differently. Even team members see you differently. The coach is seeing you differently, whether he supports your stance – or the guy you just snubbed. Team members who support your political views see you differently – team members who don’t see you differently. The team owner is seeing you differently…fans see you differently. We now see you through our own prejudices.

White House. Most of us will never see this place, let along get INVITED inside. It is a great honor, regardless of WHO is president.

Call it what you will, that’s human nature. And as a sports athlete, it’s best to NOT unleash these emotions in fans and potential supporters.

You may also lose endorsements too. There may be companies who are thinking of offering you an endorsement  but won’t NOW because they don’t want political views associated with their products.

When a sports team wins a championship and the President of America INVITES  that team to the White House it is a GREAT HONOR that only a handful of people ever get. The 99-percent of us may never visit the White House at all.

When the TEAM is invited, YOU DO NOT SHAME THE TEAM and the city by NOT going because YOU don’t like the President’s policies. He did not invite YOU, he invited THE TEAM. It’s NOT about you. Shut up! Or go and ask for Tea…if that’s your Party!

It’s about YOU if he meets you at some event and invites YOU and your family to the White House. THEN you are within your purview to say NO for whatever reason you choose, sensible or not.

People NEED to be able to MAKE that distinction and Tim Thomas could not – or would not.

 “Out of control growth of the federal government – or YOUR ego, Mr Thomas? Your prejudices? 

And I don’t CARE who the president is, George Bush, Barak Obama or Sarah Palin.

Can you see the Celtics invited to the White House to meet President Palin and one of them saying: “I’m not going – I can’t stand her!” No, YOU DON’T SAY THAT. If you really, really don’t want to go, don’t go. Just keep quiet. Be cool. Be smart and DON’T SHAME THE REST OF US with your nonsense.

Boston Bruins with President Obama at White House Ceremony after winning Stanley Cup. Thanks to those of you who WENT...whether you agree with Obama's politics or NOT!!! You knew it was NOT about you, it was about THE TEAM.

Do you get it, Mr. Thomas. It is NOT about Democrats or Republicans, black presidents or white presidents. Deficit presidents like George Bush or surplus presidents like Bill Clinton. It is about the OFFICE of the President of the Untied States of America.

And if we don’t like the fact that it’s a BLACK person or a WOMAN or an ATHEIST holding that office that’s fine. But unless that person’s a real jerk we RESPECT the

Stanley Cup

office. Some of us don’t get it. We don’t like Obama so we demean the office. But then some sports have their demographics.

Go work on your values Mr. Thomas and may it occupy a prominent spot on your trophy wall!

Again: Feel free to express your views – just as I feel equally free to express mine. Guess neither of us LIKES the others views, but I don’t have endorsements or fans or contracts…

So NO white House visit – unless Mitt Romney wins, Tim?

Who lost now…YOU, Mr. Thomas – or the TEAM?

Take a page out of that other lovable Tim’s book. Tivo it…

PS: Re Racial Slurs

  • I live in Boston and I want Capitals forward Joel Ward to know that Boston is a great city. Yes we have our share of issues but please note: The few who made racial slurs DO NOT REPRESENT US HERE IN BOSTON. We congratulate you on a great game – and DO GO TO THE WHITE HOUSE if the Capitals win. Make sure you’re at the front!!!

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