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Archive for April 22, 2012

Most expensive 800-dollars in Secret Service history!

While the rest of you are busy meditating on the twists and turns of the Secret Service Sex Scandal, I’m thinking outside the box…er, motel room. Or is it hotel room?

What was he thinking…?

If only he had just PAID her...$800!

Yes: What was HE thinking?

Which he? The HE who did not pay, of course! The Secret Service agent who wanted a free ride (OK, the pun – or is as a double entendre….is tailor-made for this) so he refused to pay.

If only he could have seen the next day’s news headlines, instead of NOT paying, he’d have added a thousand-dollar tip!!

If only he’d pulled out his wallet and quietly HANDED the hooker her $800.00.Done the gentlemanly thing…? Held up his end of the bargain…

Political cartoon poking fun at U.S. Secret Service

But no. He just had to be cheap. He just had to be stingy and unprincipled. He was what? Hoping to take advantage of this sex worker, thinking perhaps that she COULD NOT COMPLAIN, would not complain. Ah, but he was not in America where sex workers have to work in the shadows, for the most part.

In Cartagena, Colombia where prostitution is apparently LEGAL…those women have rights! And so, just because one arrogant (I’m supposing here) customer thought he could steal the merchandise – a prostitute is now threatening to sue the U.S. Secret Service. God Bless America?

Depending on your point of view the lesson here could be: You must pay when you play! I know it’s different from a National Security perspective, but let the suits in D.C deal with that!

Some reports say this is the Colombian woman involved...

Apparently, according to reports, the agent agreed to pay the woman 800-dollars for a night of sex but the next morning he only offered her about 30-dollars! Ouch!!

A fight breaks out and the rest as we say is history – or in this case…a scandal!

But seriously. Can you imagine what his fellow partners in crime are thinking: “Damn the cheap bastard. I can’t believe (whatever his name is) created this f—– mess over 800 dollars! Why the hell couldn’t he just pay up…like the rest of us?”

I don’t know. 

U.S. Secret Service logo...

But I guess if he HAD paid, we’d NOT know how much self-service there is in the Secret Service…!!!

So, should prostitution be legalized, here in America? Everywhere in America?

I guess that’s our teaching/learning moment. Because if this had been an American situation — outside of Nevada (where prostitution is legal, but with restrictions) then this Secret Service agent or any other client could have gotten away with NOT paying…since that sex worker is unlikely to go to the police. In America, she’d have had little or NO recourse.

Because the police would be within their rights to arrest her for prostitution…and she’d have a double whammy.

Nevada "Ranch" - legalized prostitution.

1.    No pay.

2.    And possible legal action.

Some clients probably realize that here in America they CAN get away with NOT paying prostitutes and this is wrong…and shameful…and pathetic.

Maybe it is time America took steps to protect consenting and willing adults who choose to work in the sex trade. 

I am not a supporter of prostitution. But turning a blind eye does not mean it’s not there. Some of these women and men suffer horribly and even die at the hands of unscrupulous people who abuse them and take advantage of them…because these abusers know their victims are afraid of going to the cops.

Amsterdam, Holland. One of my favorite European cities.

I remember wandering around the streets of Amsterdam, Holland, where prostitution is legal and staring at the “ladies” posing behind the windows in the Red Light District. I was amazed. They look like mannequins…

And yes, I DID go visit the Rijksmuseum to see Rembrandt masterpieces and I visited the port of Rotterdam (Europe’s busiest) and tulip fields too! So there…

But somehow I could not NOT go to see the ladies of the NIGHT (and DAY in Amsterdam) standing so nonchalantly behind their plate-glass!

Amsterdam: Red Light District!

Ah! Liberal Amsterdam…

Beware of Republicans who vacation in Amsterdam!!!

(You know I had to get an anti-Republican dig in there somehow!!!)

Radio Nederland/Wereldomroep. Hilversum, Holland.

I was doing a course at Radio Nederland…OK. 

Photos:  Google images

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