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Pippa Middleton and The Dumbing Down of ABC

I woke up on Monday (04/16/12) to the BREAKING NEWS!!! on ABC about “compromising photos “ involving Pippa Middleton in Paris…

(Pippa Middleton is sister to Kate Middleton, who is now married to Britain’s Prince William. William is second in line to the British throne, after his father Prince Charles.)

The degree of urgency and breathlessness in the voice of George Stephanopoulos had me wondering: What the hell KIND of photos are we talking about…I’m thinking of some really scandalous scenario linked to Princess Diana or something equally shocking…while wondering about the national significance to the U.S.? Was she caught in bed with President Obama…or Mitt Romney?

So of course I’m curious…and by now ABC has made me equally breathless with anticipation — for like 5 seconds…until they show the photo.

Miss Middleton is in a car with some people, (Thank God. Could have been aliens – or Pigs in the car)  one of whom is brandishing a gun at paparazzi!!!   

Pippa in Paris! You need to KNOW this...

Really? Is that it?

Really ABC? THAT is THE photo that causes you to devote a large chunk of your precious morning time to this MAJOR breaking news item. DOES RUPERT MURDOCH SECRETLY OWN ABC?

I mean, come on…

If it had been Kate Middleton, the possible future queen. OK, maybe. I still don’t see the importance for us here in America? Unless she has secret designs to retake America as a colony? But OK – Pippa Middleton…?

So if it had been Angelina Jolie, would ABC have gone into cardiac arrest…

And if it had been Michelle Obama, would their circuits have blown out???

Who is the moron making these editorial decisions?

Pippa Middleton is in a car with some guy brandishing a gun…real or fake…I DON’T CARE. DON’T FREAKIN’ CARE…LET British tabloids handle it…let Special Edition or Inside Edition or whatever it’s called handle it. Please do not devote all this time on some British version of Kim Kardashian. Her only freaking claim to fame is because she is the sister of Kate Middleton, who married into royalty. What the hell has Pippa Middleton done? What does she even do?

Even Prince Harry is smart enough to know that he needs to carve his own space and make his OWN name for himself. He’s not lounging around being famous for being a prince – or for being the brother of the next possible king – or for being the grandson of the queen. HE is in the military. He is a helicopter pilot…Apache attack helicopters! HE was in Afghanistan and may return. HE is going on goodwill missions. HE is doing something newsworthy.

Get real, networks, and stop pushing nonsense on me IN THE NAME OF NEWS…

Hotel in Colombia where U.S. Secret Service allegedly entertained prostitutes...

I switched to CBS. That network was running a story about the Secret Service Sex Scandal at a hotel in Colombia, South America. Before President Obama arrived to attend a meeting with Latin American leaders…seems the Secret Service had some not so secret fun with prostitutes…

According to the information I got from CBS, seems that whole misbehaving thing may go back to former president George Bush (according to Republican Representative Darrell Issa/California) and I got to understand some the implications that such lapses can have:

  • The places the president occupies are always cleared/checked in advance
  • So, any people the Secret Service bring into this space (in this case, prostitutes) could come in carrying wires, bugs and other surveillance equipment that could record conversations, security details etc….
  • CONSIDER  the ramifications for National Security
  • CONSIDER  what a terrorist could DO with that information
  • CONSIDER if that prostitute was working for some hostile person or group
  • Blackmail implications?

While ABC was giddily providing it’s highbrow coverage of Pippa Middleton, CBS  stupid, DULL network that it is!!! ran another story focusing on the Rupert Murdoch News of the World Phone Hacking Scandal. CBS had an interview with a lawyer representing some of the hacking victims, including the family of the murdered teen whose cell phone was allegedly hacked by the News of the World.

Mark Lewis is in America this week of 4/16/2012 to talk with some U.S victims…with a view to filing legal action on their behalf. This could open a can of worms for Murdoch…

In 2008, Mark Lewis won a settlement from News Corp on behalf of what may well be the first client in the News of the World phone hacking scandal.  Lewis says News Corp went after him, placing Lewis and his family under surveillance, but apparently News Corp got MORE than it bargained for! Lewis fought back…and so, here we are today.

British lawyer, Mark Lewis;flexGridModule

Thank you, CBS. I mean he’s not Pippa Middleton, but he IS British. That’s close enough! His story has far-ranging consequences for America, but what does that matter, eh? When he gets into a car with three women — one of whom is brandishing a bra…that might be more newsworthy, yes ABC?!!!

  • I’ve noticed over the years that ABC is getting Dumber and Dumber.

Point 2

Take The View…a program I used to enjoy watching for its opinionated opinions and political clashes! Now,  more and more the time is being given over to promoting the network’s reality shows…with a reality show round-up! Say what? I don’t watch any of those dumb shows you’re talking about. Stop the madness. Tell me what you think of Pippa Middleton…!!!

Point 3

The other reason ABC sets my teeth on edge: NANCY GRACE.

My goodness! As soon as SHE comes on, I’m gone!!! The other analyst guy, Dan Abrams I can take…


She tries the cases from her armchair – and makes all kinds of assumptions that stick in people’s minds and remain lodged there as truth!

Take the Casey Anthony trial. GRACE determined Anthony was guilty and it’s no wonder that kind of rhetoric inflames people and makes them act in stupid, unacceptable ways.

(I’m not saying she is NOT guilty.) I’m saying, based on the evidence I heard coming from the courts, I’d have had a hard time convicting her myself.

  • The mother could have done it.

    Dan Abrams. Didn't realize how good looking HE is!

  • Casey’s father could have done it. Something off about that family.
  • Casey’s mother could have done it. I think SHE knows something…
  • They ALL could have done it together…
  • Some of them could have done it together…
  • Some/All covering up…?

Yet, Nancy Grace was SURE that Casey Anthony was guilty. Because She was there, because apparently Casey Anthony called Nancy Grace and explained to her what happened and asked for Grace’s help to dispose of the body! So the great pontificator KNOWS!!! Do I blame Nancy Grace or ABC?

The end result is that we have a woman who was cleared by the jury system but people are issuing death threats to her. Now whenever the courts don’t give US the verdict WE want, just riot! Go berserk. Why have a trial at all? Just bring the defendant to ABC and let Nancy Grace decide!!!

The jury did the right thing. There was not enough evidence to convict. The courts do not convict people because they are guilty. They convict based on PROOF of guilt…or innocence. That’s why many people get away with murder and other crimes… and while I don’t like that (unless of course I or somebody I love is the person walking away free) It is the best WAY, because otherwise, if the courts were NOT based on the ability to PROVE a case, we would ALL be bringing false claims against people we don’t like.

Innocent people do go to prison. Some of the “innocent” people in prison may not be innocent at all…while some murderers and other guilty parties in prison may not be “guilty” at all. Sometimes they ARE guilty and sometimes we only THINK they are guilty. Sometimes they are innocent and sometimes we only think they are innocent.

But be that as it may, life has a way of catching up with people. It is not for US to be the judge, jury AND executioner. Unless of course…you are Nancy Grace!

Point 4

When George Stephanopoulos took over on Good Morning America I said “yes” NOW we are going to get some real news…and it went well for a few weeks. But it wasn’t long before it went downhill. (IN MY OPINION…) And slipping fast…

So many things about ABC set my teeth on edge – even Diane Sawyer!

Goodbye ABC.

Don’t worry about me, though. Your dumbness is working. Apparently you’re doing better than CBS (I don’t  like Gayle King, either…) so dumb works. Just another blip in the dumbing of America…


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