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What if Trayvon Martin was White…

Hypocrisy of Race in America!

Police are NOT the only people who stereotype other people – especially young black boys.

I stereotype young black males…the ones who dress like morons, pants under their butts, waddling around mouthing swear-words and ready to fight at the drop of a sneaker!

Why do we dress like this? Remind me...

Are you hypocritical enough to tell me, YOU, average black person in the inner city, do not feel threatened or turned off by these no-home-training black kids in your neighborhood…and I will tell you “you lie” ’cause I live in the hood too.

I also stereotype young White boys in the Irish neighborhood of South Boston where I live (a neighborhood that was once a battleground of racial strife in Boston). If I’m walking late at night (as I write this in 2012), and I see a group of young white kids, I go on full alert. But I suppose that’s OK, because these kids are White! So of course I can stereotype them! Even if most of them couldn’t be bothered with race!

We stereotype Muslims. I started thinking, recently. What if I’m on an airplane and two Muslims sit next to me and start speaking in Arabic? I’m not going to be hypocritical. I would be relieved like hell when that plane lands safely – even though maybe I should have been more scared of my Christian pilot or air hostess. (Off their meds, are we being told, to account for two separate instances of a pilot and stewardess going berserk in the air? Of course!)

Ask Jay-Z WHY he's dressed like this...? Why isn't he wearing his pants below his butt here...?

That’s how stereotypes go. Stereotypes don’t only go by race. Stereotypes go by groups. How many of you think Pole Dancers and Strippers are dumb bottom-dwellers who cannot get regular jobs doing anything else? I watched a pole dancer (she’s not black) demonstrate her craft and I went “gosh, I wish I could do that! Wow! OMG! And she has a doctorate in Medieval History or something like that. She did her dissertation on something to do with Popes! Yet she CHOSE to be a pole dancer. Now, introduce her to you as a pole dancer and you go what…in your head? Do YOU have a doctorate – or even a Masters Degree?

Did you see in the news about that Houston Chronicle journalist (and Houston University lecturer) who earned on average about 2-thousand-dollars a night as a stripper? Seems to me I should be a stripper. I could do with that kind of money! A rival newspaper outed her! Yes, stereotypes indeed! Not all strippers are like those in the Duke Lacrosse scandal!!!

Now, every Prominent Black Person Is Concerned With The Status Of Young Black Boys!!! Yeah!

We are really concerned about young black boys. Um-hmn!

My son is a young black boy. My son wears hoodies. My son goes to an Exam School. My son lives with me in the hood. (Yes, we actually LIVE among young black kids, but what do we know about young black kids? Not as much as those people on TV, obviously, many of whom would not even know which train or bus goes to the inner city). So now, all of a sudden, just by being a young black male – EVERYBODY cares about my son. Hypocrites!

My son is around Trayvon Martin’s age, the young murdered Florida teen who’s now the current face of Racial Insanity in America. Yeah, such cases pop up every now and then to allow us to bloviate about racial inequality. This allows us to later run back into our fox holes and hibernate until the next case comes along…so we can pretend we are actually doing something about racial inequality!

Black college kids - with their heads on right!

So you care so much about young Black Males like my son? I guess that’s why when I tried, desperately (and with NO success, of course) to secure funding to pay for my son, (again, a young black male) to get afterschool sports coaching at a private Sports Club so he can improve his game and chance of getting a Sports Scholarship – EVERYBODY I APPROACHED OR EMAILED – turned me down!

If I’d known, I’d have arranged for a white police friend of mine to shoot my black son (yeah, I care, so I’d ask the cop to shoot my son in his leg). White cop, black kid always brings the most attention! But back then, when I was looking for funding (around February 2012 when Trayvon Martin got shot) I didn’t know. I didn’t realize that the ONLY time America is interested in the welfare of Young Black Males is when they get shot. But now I know. And readers are on notice…’cause I have a plan brewing on how to get a college scholarship for my son!

Yeah. Dress him in a hoody. Send him into a white neighborhood. Hope the shot misses. Cause that’s a better way to get the nation’s attention than any plea for scholarships will ever get! And that holds true whether I write to Oprah or Warren Buffet. Somebody in their organization will read the letter and both will turn me down! ‘Cause they don’t deal with individuals. Until said individual gets shot. Then everybody has an opinion. But when you COULD help, you didn’t! So what are you talking about?

Seems to me that funding a sports/literacy program for kids on the ground can change lives too. It’s not always about making a media-grabbing multi-million dollar donation to some big, well established charity. There are millions of Young Black Males who fall by the wayside for less than the price of a new pair of shoes for some people. Because these kids’ families cannot afford to pay $100 to join a sports team – or spend 25 dollars to buy a transit pass so the kid can access a FREE program in another neighborhood. Which charity funds that? You want to make a difference, e-mail me. Let’s start something in MY development, ’cause I’m not seeing much of that charitable donation trickling down around here…

When I approached some of the wealthiest Bostonians to get funding for my son to do the sports program, (people whose net worth run into the billions and multi-millions) to see if one of them would sponsor my son, (again, a young black male that we care so much about), I WAS REJECTED. They didn’t even arrange for someone to meet with me or my son OR check any of the school (sports teacher) and Sports Club (coach) references I sent to establish my bona fides.

Here is one response:

Dear (my name)  

Thank you for contacting the (name of company) with your charitable donation request for support of the 10th grade student at (school).  

Supporting community and non-profit organizations is important to us, and we personally review all requests as they are received.  We believe that charitable giving is a critical component of our business and each request is important to us. 

As you can well imagine, we receive thousands of requests each year.  While we do our best to evaluate them to help and support as many organizations and individuals as possible, we unfortunately cannot fulfill the needs of every request we receive.  

Please know that, while we regretfully cannot fulfill your request at this time, we wish you the best.   


Yeah, thanks. My son and I are grateful for your best. That will really pay for sports instruction for my son, who’s showing some promise in his sport. That’s when I started understanding what being in the 99-percent really feels like, because the billionaire I wrote to likely spends more on drinks in one month than the money I needed to cover a year of sports instruction for my son!

Way to care about young black males!  So I believe few of you pontificating now over Trayvon Martin give a damn. This is just another opportunity to puff yourselves up and bask under fifteen frames of the spotlight.

Why don’t YOU put your MONEY and your TIME  where your darned mouth is? If every single one of you now posturing mentored a black kid, helped with homework, worked to build a black kid’s literacy skills, math skills or took him to a ball game, listened to the kid’s dreams/hopes/problems, etc…you’d achieve a lot MORE that the BS you’re spouting now.

Yes. That's Boston Celtics Basketball star Paul Pierce (black Tee among those kids. He's very involved in community. Good for you, Paul and thanks!!!

And you, ALL THE BLACK TALKING HEADS – are YOU mentoring any young black males? Are YOU involved with any inner city programs either by fundraising or giving your time/support? Have you started a Foundation to help young black males achieve? Why not, since you care so much? Why am I seeing so many of these programs being run and funded by white people? Where the hell are you?

I interact everyday with some of these young black males you are defending. Come live next door and see how long you will keep defending them? Why don’t you come live here? What you’ll quickly want to do is run away – get the hell out. Who the heck are you blaming for the way these kids are turning out? Instead of fixing the problems through a one-on-one basis, there you are, eons away from reality, talking about the police…and how they shoot young black men.

I just heard one black talk show host tell another black journalist on TV: “At the end of the day, I want my son to come home alive…” Apparently the rest of us want our sons to come home dead! Do we really believe that MORE young black males die at the hands of cops/vigilantes than at the hands of OTHER young black males?

The March 2012 verdict in a 2010 Boston murder case involving the  “execution style” shooting deaths of 4 people during what police call a drug robbery sent shockwaves through Boston. Victims: 2 black males aged 21 and 22. One black female aged 21. One black male: aged just 2 years old (shot in mother’s arms). Fifth victim, black male, 32: paralyzed. (I don’t see concerned people rushing to pay for his care.)

The victims were shot by 2 black males (ages 34 and 32). Imagine if they’d been shot by police!? Nine charges. 4 counts of first-degree murder plus home invasion, armed robbery, assault with intent to murder, assault and battery and firearm possession. The jury was deadlocked. One of the alleged killers walked free…the other is facing retrial. No big deal, right! Just another shooting in the hood…

2 year-old victim, Amani Smith

 Notice how, with the exception of some Sports Stars and Actors, the MAJORITY of black professionals stay AWAY from the inner city, especially the ones who make it and decide to get out? They never return, never look back. Now they’re on TV talking about Trayvon Martin! Shut up…

If you don’t want to come back, OK. It’s tough out there in the inner city. And not only for pimps..(like one rapper says in his song.)

But are YOU donating to programs that work to keep inner city kids off the streets? Have YOU  started one yourself? Can YOU at least sponsor one kid – work through a Boys and Girls Club or YMCA/YWCA and PAY for a membership for some kid whose parent(s) can’t afford it? I guess that would be too easy – too sensible – too lacking in visibility? Approach these talking heads about sponsoring one of the very kids they care so much about and they brush you off! Yeah, put your money where your misguided mouth is! Or is ALL you do just freakin’ talk?

We make our kids think the police is the enemy when the drug dealers and gun runners and felons peddling stolen goods around the corner are our real enemies. Yet we protect them by not snitchin’ and mouth off to police. Then we turn around and wonder why we’re riddled with crime.

In Boston, we’ve not had any vigilantes or cops kill young black males in 2012 or 2011 (that I can recall). Do you wanna know how many young black males died in Boston during that time frame? Do you know who’s killing them? OTHER young black males. You’re so concerned about the one – how about the dozens? Are their deaths less or more acceptable – because they were killed by PEOPLE WITH THE SAME SKIN COLOR?

January 1st – March 25th, 2011 vs 2012 (Boston Police Department/Regional Intelligence Center 3/26/2012)

City of Boston




Homicides with a firearm



Non-Fatal Shootings (victim hit by gunfire






As a mother of a black kid, I don’t tell my son that he will be treated differently because he’s black. Whatever his color, he WILL be treated differently in some situation or the other. I give him commonsense advice that applies to EVERYBODY across the board, regardless of race.

Do NOT talk back to police. Whatever they ask you to do: Get on the ground, put your hands up:  DO IT! Address cop as Sir or Ma’am. Do not walk towards cops with your hands in your pockets or in a bag. If I was a cop and you were coming towards me with your hands fumbling where I can’t see what you’re doing, I’d be ready to shoot you – and I would not care if you were purple!

Now my son, who is black – remember that, HE is black – has never been stopped by police. And part of that is because HE DOES NOT PUT HIMSELF IN SITUATIONS WHERE HE’S LIKELY TO BE STOPPED BY POLICE. And also because I’ve told him: “If you put yourself in a situation where the police pick you up because you were with other kids who were into nonsense like shoplifting or graffiti spraying, etc – while other parents rush to the station to bail out their kids, when the cops call me, I WILL LEAVE YOU IN THERE! I’ll tell the cops: “Make his life as miserable as you can make it and let him stay in there for a few days“. And my son knows that I will do it, too.

So… if Trayvon Martin was my son, none of this circus would be happening: ’cause I’d hold a press conference and say, very clearly: “Go home. Let the Grand Jury do its job. Thank you very much for your support.” And I hope I would NOT be trade marking slogans involving my dead son.

Finally, If Trayvon Martin was white…would Al Sharpton care? How many of the blacks we see on TV would care? 

Al Sharpton addresses Trayvon Martin rally. Sanford, Florida.

I’d care. And I hope everybody would care the same way. But sadly, many black people would not care. The rallies would be largely white, with a black face or two.

When we learn to CARE across the board, when we see a KID WHO IS SHOT, not a black kid or a white kid or an Asian kid or a Hispanic kid – just a kid being shot in suspicious circumstances — when we tackle INJUSTICE, whatever it’s color — THEN, and only then, will our protestations move from the production stage…to onstage.

And THAT, to me, is JUST AS TROUBLING, IF NOT MORE SO — than the death of Trevon Martin!

(Everything I said above refers equally to non-black POOR or other kids – and even to some rich kids too…’cause some of these rich kids need MORE mentoring that poor kids. America wake up – AND PROTECT ALL YOUR KIDS!)

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