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Food For Thought…

Just because you are free to do something, should you do it – and when you do it, should we/others be called upon to comment on it?

Seems to me that values are becoming trivialized.

Is MODESTY something to be admired and embraced here in America – or do we just let it ALL hang out, along with our breasts?

Do you see/agree that there is an eroding of  some mores/moral attitudes and values that trivialize and demean the culture?

I see commentators on TV oohing and aahing over babies and pet animals that create “great” art. To hear them, you’d think Van Gogh had no idea what HE was doing!

Why are they telling us about this? So we can go out and force our babies and pets to perform? Then we save the money we make from their 15-minutes of fame for their retirement? Nah, we’ll spend it!

I see people who can’t act getting multi-million dollar roles…not because they can convey emotion, but because they have a big following…a young following.

I see record producers going after younger and younger singers. What’s next: Baby Gangsta? Ole Blue Nappies?

I see America making celebrities out of people who are not worth the attention they get. People who are motivated by money, fame and spotlight being glorified for having multiple plastic surgeries, multiple love partners, multiple problems, multiple arrests, multiple kids that they cannot support and then pimp those kids out to make ends meet. (That’s the way I see it).

We’re being taught that to “break through” the celebrity wall, we must pose in Playboy or make a sex tape. Starting a community center for runaway kids will NOT bring attention – but runaway boobs will!

People who will give their 5-year olds plastic surgery to win beauty contests – and claim to see NOTHING wrong in that. At least if these parents say: Yes, it’s weird, I know, but it’s my kid and I want her to be Miss America someday, and so…

But these parents seem oblivious!

Why is it that we’re now being asked to weigh in on every single thing, nonsensical or not.

Snow not cleared in time: Let us KNOW what you think!

Pizza delivery guy attacked? Let us know what YOU think?

This mother decides to have 50 kids. Tell US what you think!

First Lady Michele Obama shops at Target! Ooh, tell us, quick – what DO you think?

I see people who treat marriage like just one more roadshow, a narcissistic spectacle. Your young girls then proceed to scream over these calculating fame guzzlers. Why?

I see people getting record deals who cannot sing, who must wear skimpier and skimpier clothing and gyrate to sell albums. Singers, who without the benefit of countless in-studio mixing and remixing make you CRINGE when they perform live.

Are there no MORE Lionel Ritchies, Whitney Houstons, Celine Dione’s or Tom Jones’s left. And if an up-and-coming artist with a VOICE rose up and started singing – would their records sell or would we rather have meaningless, repetitious nonsensical lyrics.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah…oo-oo-oo” repeated a million times between bursts of foot work?

Does the media have to parse every court case, opine about who was right and who was wrong, orate on who is guilty and who is not…deconstruct evidence and when we don’t get the verdict commentators led us to believe we should get, send jurors death threats?

Jurors are examining the evidence and we’re not. We’re running on HEARSAY. And even if we don’t like the verdict, it is what it is! Let the LEGAL system handle it…we should not take justice into our own hands and harass people who had their day in court. Let them be. If you know something different, go to court and testify.

I feel that in TODAY’S AMERICA, people can’t say what they feel anymore – that nobody must be offended anymore – that everything must always work well and on time, that nothing must go wrong, that after a disaster everything must be immediately set to rights.

Nobody takes any responsibility for anything, anymore.

We buy houses/merchandise we cannot afford, but it’s NOT our fault.

Our child stabs someone, but it’s NOT his fault.

We spend every cent we make living beyond our means, buying nonsense we don’t need, but think we can’t live without, SAVE NOTHING, then when we lose our job, we blame everybody else because another job should be right there waiting for us.

We are uninterested in the political process, can’t name the Supreme Court judges whose decisions affect our lives every day, but know who Paula, Randy and Simon are. (Reality show TV judges.)

This society is so disengaged with World Politics, we seem NOT to understand that the world and America has entered a new economy, based on technology, and therefore, many jobs have disappeared AND WON’T BE COMING BACK.

Once upon a time, there was a big industry here in New England based on Whaling and Whale Oil. Then gas and electricity came along. Do you still expect a job making tallow candles to light homes?

Do you still expect to see a factory taking shape in your town to build cameras that use film – or phonograph records? Doubt it. But you may see one making computer parts. Are you trained to work in such a factory? If not, what are you doing about it? Waiting for a politician to fix it?

We seem NOT to understand that the Global economy is sick – just look at what’s happening in Greece and Italy, right now. This is affecting and will affect you! Expect belt-tightening. It will get worse before it gets better. Don’t look for a great economy just yet, regardless of what politicians say! WE HAVE NOT EVEN STARTED TRIMMING THE BUDGET YET!

Riots in Europe? Just like here, in America, other nations say their economic house is broken, everybody claims to want to fix it…BUT NOBODY IS WILLING TO TAKE THE TOUGH MEASURES NEEDED TO FIX IT. America, too, MUST cut debt. But

  • Pentagon interests don’t want to cut military spending
  • Retirees don’t want to touch Medicare/Social Security
  • Education interests don’t want to cut education
  • Business interests don’t want to cut companies’ tax breaks
  • Energy interests don’t want to lost drilling concessions
  • Agriculture interests don’t want to lose subsidies.


Why don’t we balance our budget by cutting spending in Canada. Then we won’t have to cut anything here…!

Ah, don’t mind me.

Long ago you’d NEVER have been able to read anything I wrote. Pontification was left to Walter Cronkite. Now I can go online and say anything I want.

Isn’t life great?!


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