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Joe Paterno

You must be  kiddin’ me…

People/Students feel sorry for Joe Paterno, the former star football coach at The Pennsylvania State University, (Penn State/PSU)…? Why? Why!!??

Paterno may be a great coach – but in my opinion, he’s not a great man.

Here is a coach who allegedly KNEW and (not guessed) WAS TOLD, that his former defensive coordinator  Jerry Sandusky was allegedly having sex with young boys and Paterno felt he’d done his duty to the world, to the kids, and to humanity because he told the university!

Sandusky was charged Friday (11/04/2011) on dozens of counts of child sexual abuse – molesting eight boys (so far) over 15 years. Some of the assaults took place at the Penn State football complex. Sandusky turned himself in the next day.

Sandusky founded The Second Mile charity in 1977, working with at-risk youths.

At risk? Of…being molested (allegedly) by their …?

OK, so Paterno told the university.

Then time passed and the university apparently did – what? Some people allege a cover up (see links below).

  • Sandusky was not handed over to the authorities.
  • There was NO scandal, so football remained King while kids were being (allegedly) used as serfs.

Jerry Sandusky


  • Sandusky kept on recruiting little boys for…his charity.
  • If anybody spoke to Sandusky at all and told him to stop what he was doing, then it was kept pretty quiet!
  • Sandusky allegedly kept having showers with kids.
  • Sandusky kept “mentoring” kids.
  • Sandusky was walking around happy as could be (and why shouldn’t he?).

AND WHEN PATERNO SAW ALL THAT, HE DID NOT FEEL THAT HE NEEDED TO DO ANYTHING ELSE BECAUSE HE HAD TOLD SOMEONE AT THE UNIVERSITY…he’d done all he felt able to do. He passed the buck and could now wash his hands and pocket his many pieces of silver. And sooo…

  • Paterno apparently did not see a need to take his case back to Penn State.
  • Paterno apparently did not see a need to send an anonymous letter to the cops.
  • Paterno apparently did not see a need to let parents know.
  • Paterno apparently did not protect those kids.
  • Paterno apparently sat on the sidelines and looked on as his former defensive coordinator kept interacting with kids – little boys…all the while KNOWING what was allegedly happening in the showers and elsewhere.


Yet he didn’t think he’d done anything wrong…not really! Paterno was so arrogantly delusional that instead of resigning immediately – he stated Wednesday (11/09/2011) that he’d stay on as coach until the end of the season! Um-hum…

Penn State Football

“That’s why I have decided to announce my retirement effective at the end of this season. At this moment the Board of Trustees should not spend a single minute discussing my status. They have far more important matters to address. I want to make this as easy for them as I possibly can…”  Paterno.

If only he’d been equally willing to make it as easy for the kids who were allegedly molested.  (Penn State University trustees fired Paterno Wednesday…11/9/2011)

WHAT was going through Paterno’s mind? That Sandusky had reformed? That Sandusky was fine for kids to hang out with?

Would you be able to do that?

And NOW, we are to feel sorry for him…?

For what?


…wonder how Paterno would feel if his male cellmate forced him to have sex against his will for years! And the jailers knew, and said nothing!

Come on America.

  • Building a football dynasty IS NOT MORE IMPORTANT than protecting kids from predators
  • Getting a paycheck IS NOT MORE IMPORTANT than protecting kids from predators
  • Fame and Power IS NOT MORE IMPORTANT than protecting kids from predators
  • NOTHING IS NOT MORE IMPORTANT than protecting kids from predators.

Penn State Students Riot

For shame – watching these Penn State students riot in support of Paterno – when they should be MARCHING ON THE UNIVERSITY AND DEMANDING THAT HEADS ROLL FOR WHAT HAPPENED TO THOSE KIDS.

Those poor, used, helpless, compromised, abused kids…

  • The physical pain of the sex act (kids bodies are not developed enough yet for ANY kind of sex)
  • The emotional/mental pain
  • The social pain
  • The kids sense of helplessness
  • The kids exposure to disease
  • The parents who now have to deal with this…

One of the student hooligan protestors said Mr. and Mrs. Paterno were the closest thing she had to grandparents.

Me, I DON’T WANT grandparents like that.



I am not a big fan of lawsuits. But this is ONE time where if I was one of those parents, I’D SUE THE HELL OUT OF PENN STATE.

Pennsylvania State University

The university’s board wants us to believe, now, that if they had known…they’d have done something about it. Maybe so – but I don’t buy it.

When it comes to football, and the contribution the sport makes to these “Football” schools, I believe they’d do anything – cover up murder, human trafficking, (I wonder if they’d shield terrorists?) to protect their Football Franchises.

It’s about DOLLARS and POWER and the kids had none! If there hadn’t been so much riding on the backs of the truth, the outcome would have been different.

The irony is that if this had been addressed immediately, it would now be forgotten and Penn State would have gotten kudos for its swift and decisive action to protect kids.

 (Now the: you know what has hit the fan.)

Good luck with that!

Read the links below….and make up your own mind.


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