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Opinion – Tiger Roars…shows, er – stripes?

I’m tired of hearing about Tiger Woods and his mistresses…

I really don’t care if he was having sex with the maid, the PTA chairman or the CEO.

The KANSAS CITY STAR has an interesting article on the Tiger Woods affair…

It’s titled: Media should be ashamed of Tiger Woods ‘coverage’. The writer says:

We’re no better than the gossip rags, tabloids and blogs, and we will no longer strive to be.

The high road no longer pays our bills. So, like TMZ, the National Enquirer and all the rest, we will pick through the personal lives of celebrity athletes, and when we turn up dirt, we will shout they owe us a televised, remorseful, ratings-driving explanation.

I disagree with this approach. But I’m willing to accept it, as long as we’re honest about it and enthusiastically accept the consequences of our decision.

Media houses are NOT honest about their decisions to cover these types of stories. And of course, it IS a decision. Stories don’t just walk into the newsroom and jump onto the screen. Editors, anchors and managers decide WHICH stories to pursue, what angles to take and when to run them.

News has been so trivialized to feed the ratings game…that media houses now have WE The People actually thinking, heck demanding, that WE have a “right” to know about the personal lives of prominent people. The Media will even find “experts” to tell us why we need to know!

Meantime, the media, the fourth estate that is supposed to act as a counter balance to the pressing authority of politics and religion – fiddled while the government planned a useless, distracting, ill-conceived war in Iraq.

A war based on lies and false premises that will (if not forever, then for a very long time), affect us and this country. They didn’t think we had a right to know how much it would cost – or whether there were weapons of mass destruction, etc.

No, our right to know revolves around how many mistresses that Tiger Woods has!

Why do we care where Tiger prowls when we are sending thousands of soldiers (who hopefully are not texting mistresses from the trenches) to Afghanistan?

Why do we care who Tiger sleeps with when our infrastructure is so worn thin, we are closing bridges?

Why do we care about Tiger’s crash – instead of the stock market crash? Did we not see what happened after Dubai’s loan default –  or is that NOT as important as Tiger Woods and his shenanigans?

As I see it, THE ONLY PEOPLE WHO SHOULD CARE ARE: Tiger, his family/relatives, the women involved (and apparently THEY don’t care), the PGA (maybe) and sponsors.

Outside of that, apart from the: Tiger did What? moment (why Tiger, I didn’t know you lived up to your name off the links, too) – drop it! There are too many issues of substance to be focusing on a golfer’s sexploits!

There was even a doctor on TV saying Tiger is displaying all the symptoms of a “Sex Addict”. We only want to know, though – when it involves OTHER people. Our own lover/spouse/better half could be having their own Tiger moments and we would NOT want the neighbors to know, much less the world!

Heck, some people even KNOW, but pretend they don’t know…

Others don’t want to know…

The Star also says that:

Had Elin been found barefoot, floating in and out of consciousness, with facial lacerations and Tiger hovering over her, the tone of media commentary would be quite different regardless of whatever alleged actions Elin might’ve taken to provoke Tiger.

I agree. Tiger would have been labeled another star athlete who is a wife beater; a pampered, self absorbed jerk of a jock!

So, why do these highly paid, high profile men lack the ability to see through women they should steer clear of? WARNING: If you see BOOBS first, before you see the person – RUN! Don’t look back or you will be turned into a pillar of shame! (Biblical reference to Lot’s wife.)

Bill Clinton and  Monica Lewinski?

Don’t these men understand that they should start running soon as they smell these women coming?

How is it that men are not caught gallivanting with female professors or nuclear engineers or head teachers or even nurses? Well, except for that NASA astronaut and the media did NOT portray HER as sexy.

Notice how the news reports made her look crazy? However, she is NOT out there, though, arranging press conferences to sell sexy emails (Or whatever types of communication they use) between earth and space! Well, not yet!

High profile men/athletes seem to marry professional, supportive girl next door (in most cases) then gravitate towards bar workers, nannies and hostesses. Are these women MORE attractive? Is it that the personality types who gravitate towards these jobs are different? Is it the educational level? (Some bar hostesses/nannies have degrees, too.) Can somebody explain?

I’m confused because there are many highly attractive, sexy female PHDS with an abundance of boobs – and brains! Or is it that they have the presence of mind to keep their mouths shut, so we never find out!

According to the Star:

Look at what we’ve done to Tiger in a week. We’ve convinced the public, among other things, that Tiger was wrong for exercising his right to remain silent with the police. We did this while young Americans are dying in Iraq and Afghanistan in protection of this most American freedom.

Remember when Dick Cheney and other White House officials refused – refused to talk about the leaking of emails and information pertaining to the outing of a CIA spy? We’ve already forgotten? There was NO sex involved. (That we know of!)

One woman is on TV saying: Tiger’s wife should leave him!


I have a neighbor whose boyfriend beats her up! They have two kids. The apartment is in her name – it’s a constant domestic abuse saga of tears,  police and drama.

Why doesn’t SHE leave him? He’s no Tiger – if he was a book, he would not even be in the same library as Tiger. He has no education, no looks, no money – yet SHE is standing by her thug!

All across America women are standing by men who cheat (see politics) lie, even KILL!

I’d NOT worry about Tigers wife, Elin Nordegren. She can apparently take care of herself! Go Sistah! Maybe YOU should take up professional golf, Elin! You apparently know how to use that iron. Birdie to you – or is it eagle?

And as for those women saying Elin Nordegren should leave…do YOU think they would turn Tiger down if he called them and said: “Elin left me, I want to marry you“!?

You believe they’d say: “No Thanks Tiger – I’m waiting for a man who doesn’t cheat“?

About this bridge in Brooklyn…


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