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Thanks for the interest…

I appreciate all the comments about the informative nature of my posts.

I would have liked to keep blogging daily, but it takes up too much of my time…right now.

I will blog on Sundays- if I miss one, it doesn’t mean I won’t post next time.

I don’t like people to give opinion and pass it of as fact. Fact is fact (even if that too can be subjective) but while I can have an opinion on anything…I can’t just change facts to suit me. 

That does not mean that my opinion is one that everybody should subscribe to or that because others don’t – they are wrong.

People feel that if you’re a democrat and President Obama decides to invade Mexico, for no good reason, then all democrats should say: yeah!?  Not so.

 Good democrats should say Mr. President, with all due respect, I think you are making a mistake.

All republicans are not bad – and every issue they raise is not to be disregarded, either.

Of course this current batch of republican leaders are a sad joke, and the more acrimonious they are, the more they jockey to posture on TV!

But that, hopefully, will adjust itself with time. America needs an opposition party that comes up with constructive ideas for the better good.

We don’t need destabilization to achieve our ends. At the end of the day, when a president fails, America fails.

And when he wins, we all win.

Presidents come and go, but the economy remains with us, and so do issues like: job creation, health care, education, crime, poverty, excessive wealth etc.

When President Obama leaves the White House he will be set for life…whatever his legacy.

Will you…? If he or any president fails at job creation, fails at health care, fails at establishing green technologies/industries, fails at immigration reform – will you be better off?

If he (any president) creates more jobs, lowers crime, improves America’s image overseas – do you benefit?

I rest my case.

Thanks for the comments/emails. Keep tuning in.


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