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Sunday Blogger

Hello there… 

I just launched an online endeavor. 

I’ve wanted to do it for more than a year, but I was dragging my feet. I got the paperwork, set things up and was afraid to take the plunge.

I finally launched this week and it’s looking promising. But it takes a lot of my time. And I won’t be able to blog every day like I used to. 

So I’ve decided to bcome a Sunday Blogger

I got the idea from a report I saw on TV about a woman who only blogs on Sundays. I thought – perfect! I don’t have to give up blogging – and I can use my weekdays to focus on my enterprise! 

I will have a new post on Sunday.

Please come back. I still have lots of opinions…on everything, and I’m still NOT afraid to say them – well, most of them! 




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