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In the Land of the Gullible…

Say I commission a group of army families to conduct a study on the impact it will have on them, their families and that area… if their base is closed:

Their Study would probably conclude that if the government closed that base, it would be gloom and doom:

People would lose their jobs and livelihoods.

That area and its economy would be devastated.

The nation’s security will be compromised.

Contracts would be lost, etc.

Accusations that the base is polluting groundwater are unfounded – so far, only one case has been actually linked to groundwater contamination, and it’s yet to be proved that the base is the source.

Ask the affluent neighboring community that’s been agitating to close the base for years, and the results are likely to be completely different:

Only a few people would lose their jobs and livelihoods, most will be transferred elsewhere.

That area and its economy would be NOT devastated, other industries will move in.

The nation’s security won’t be compromised – there is another base in the area.

The army should not be conducting tests in that area – and they will have statistics to prove how the base is harming the groundwater.

So which poll do you believe?

Now I’ve used a rather silly example to make my point, but studies, like polls, can be manipulated and sometimes are. It all depends on who is doing it…why they’re doing it.

So when the insurance industry comes out with its “Poll” about how expensive health Care reform will be to the nation…I take that with a grain of salt, or in this modern age, a dose of aspirin!

The last thing we need is an insurance company trying to convince us that when we are sick, don’t worry, they will BE there!

They just refused to cover that really huge, 17-pound baby in Colorado. 

They looked ahead and saw a possible lifetime of complaints and complications and told that bay and its family: Oh no – you’re very likely to be sick, you’re on your own, sorry!

Rocky Mountain Health Plans caved in after the public outcry. The company CEO says that policy is appropriate for adults who may be overweight, not for that baby!

So the rest of us are screwed! I’m not overweight, but I’m sure they’d find something to hold over me!

He also says they fixed the situation “without getting all emotional about it…and Washington could take a page out of their book.” Don’t even head to that library!

Yet insurance companies are trying to convince the rest of us that they will hold our hand all the way to the grave. Yep, Mr. nice, caring, sympathetic insurance company…I’m sure you can’t even spell “pre-existing condition!”

The Insurance Study found that: If the legislation the Senate Finance Committee voted (14-9) on yesterday (October 13, 2009) became law, health insurance premiums for the average family (which is what?) would increase by approximately 4-thousand-dollars a year.

They claim that premiums for a single person would go up by another 600 dollars.

Now the accounting firm (PricewaterhouseCoopers) that conducted the study says there are deficiencies in the data it prepared for America’s Health Insurance Plans.

Montana Democrat, Max Baucus, chairs the Senate Finance Committee. It cobbled together the latest Health Care Reform version. 

(Baucus’s involvement in efforts to reform health care amuse me. HE’s number four on the list of Washington congressmen getting donations from the health care industry and the top democrat.)

 He called the report “a health insurance company hatchet job.” Guess he was keeping his toes crossed – we’d see his fingers, or would we?

The Finance Committee’s version seeks to expand insurance coverage to 29 million people who wouldn’t otherwise be covered.  Under that plan, nearly everyone would have to buy a policy and low- and moderate-income families will get subsidies to help them afford premiums. 

The full Senate is slated to begin debate on the Bill the week of October 26.

Look for more studies … coming soon from self-interested parties around the country!


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