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Hypocrisy and Enclave Politics

There are many issues to blog about.

War, Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize, the Economy – to stimulate or not to stimulate? Health Care…Boston Red Sox out of the playoffs (Angels?) and Boston fans’ new chapter of “Keeping Hope Alive” (which reminds me of Jesse Jackson – why is he so quiet? What’s HE is up to, I wonder!?

I’ll probably touch those topics at some point….

However, to me, the story that slipped under the radar occurred in California.

Does the name: Tom Ammiano ring a bell? Probably won’t to most people.

Does the name: Joe Wilson ring a bell? Probably does.

U.S. Congressman Wilson, (Republican from South Carolina) became a household name after he shouted “You lie” to President Obama during a nationally televised joint session of Congress in September, 2009.

Ammiano is a Democrat, a state assemblyman from California. He shouted “You lie!” to California governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger, who dropped in on a Democratic fundraiser in San Francisco Wednesday night, (Oct. 07, 2009).

Schwarzenegger who can be gracious (when he’s NOT castigating gays or immigrants, he’d probably want me to say illegal immigrants, which is more convenient) laughed it off by saying that: He got an even rougher ride when he decided to marry his wife, a member of the Kennedy clan. (His wife’s mom was sister to U.S. President John F. Kennedy).

What has happened to graciousness, politeness and courtesy? Here you have a moderate republican like Arnold Schwarzenegger, (don’t we all have our flaws?) who was brave enough (he’s the Terminator, after all) to drop in at a Democratic fundraiser and speak…

And instead of listening to what HE has to say and engaging him in discourse and dialog, the morons there were booing and disrespectful.

So if George Bush comes to a function here in Boston, do we shout: The English are coming back!? Is that it?

I thought it was extremely rude of Mr. Ammiano (and I use the Mister with reserve) to shout “you lie” to the California governor. You dummy!

And that’s NOT all. According to published reports (I’ve never heard of Ammiano and know nothing about him) Ammiano is a veteran gay rights campaigner. Schwarzenegger’s stance that marriage is between a man and a woman is unacceptable to gays.

However, instead of cornering the governor after the function and talking to him, which would be too much of a polite thing to do in today’s America, Ammiano reportedly walked out, shouting as he left: “Kiss my gay ass.”

I doubt governor Schwarzenegger wants to kiss your gay ass, Ammiano. For that you may need to see another republican…the one who was hiding in the airport bathroom stall…

The event’s host, former San Francisco mayor Willie Brown, invited Schwarzenegger, INVITED him, to the event.

So why is nobody outraged?

• Is it because it was NOT president Obama, whom I admire and adore?

• Is it because Schwarzenegger is just a governor, and too low down the Totem Pole – he’s NOT president or a U.S Representative or Senator?

• Is it because Schwarzenegger is a Republican? They’re dissing everybody so let’s diss them too?

• Or do we not care anymore?

Hypocrisy at work!

How clearly can we see through the thick haze of “enclave politics” (have I just coined a term?) that’s now permeating this country?

Ammiano’s reasons for disagreeing with the governor may be sound and valid. Apart from their sexual preferences, there’s also the legislative feuding between California’s republican governor and its legislature.

Schwarzenegger wants lawmakers to agree on a plan to upgrade the state’s aging water system and was threatening to veto everything. (He lifted his veto threat today, Oct. 12, 2009.)

Ammiano is a stand-up comedian. But while many of us will agree that politics and politicians these days are becoming a joke, this is NOT funny!

This “New Rudeness Deal” started with the republicans (well, rudeness didn’t start WITH them) but they do propagate it and nurture it to suit their ends.

Hillary Clinton was a bitch? Remember? A former first lady…of the country – but because they don’t like her, they feel no compunction to be respectful?

Just as now they see Obama as a little black boy…and they’ll be damned if they will respect him.

Democrats, people of good sense, Americans…don’t go down that path…tempting as it may seem.

Remember, what you sow…as the Bible they supposedly read says…is what you reap. (Supposedly read, in between having their adulterous flings … and corrupt dealings … and planning new strategies to screw working people and poor people so their rich friends can buy another yacht).

U.S. Rep. Joe Wilson’s infamous “You lie!” outburst has reportedly paid off for him, big time.

And he’s poised to have the most lucrative fundraising quarter of any member of Congress.

Hey, rudeness pays. Don’t you dare tell your kids NOT to tell that person who could use that shower that junior won’t kiss him/her because said person doesn’t smell good. Don’t you dare!!

Encourage them, urge them to go on…say it! Then give the kid a treat! Good job!!!


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