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The new “Ted Kennedy”…

My internet connection is up and running…

This computer guy came, he sat down at the computer, he opened the start menu, he hit run, he typed in a command, he did something…and problem was fixed.

I noticed he didn’t explain what was wrong – probably thought I wouldn’t get it – and I probably wouldn’t!

So now I can go back to blogging…about the next “Ted Kennedy” and the way I see it, the next influential senator from New England won’t be coming from the great state of Massachusetts.

The next Ted Kennedy is from these parts…

But the next Ted Kennedy is not a man…

The next Ted Kennedy is a Senator…

But the next Ted Kennedy is not a Democrat…

The next “Ted Kennedy” in my opinion is already making her mark.

She’s the Senior U.S. Senator from Maine, Olympia Snowe, and a moderate republican whose presence is growing in congress. The 62-year-old is now being billed as the woman with the most clout in Washington, D.C.

If Republicans decide to filibuster the Health Care Reform Bill, Democrats will need 60 votes to block them in the Senate. But so far, Democrats don’t have that number. They can, if Snowe sides with them!.

As the only Republican in Congress who might vote for President Obama’s Health Care Reform efforts, Snowe has become a powerful player in the negotiations. And Democrats are bending over backwards to accommodate Snowe.

For instance, she wanted an amendment that would require small employers to provide a plan with a deductible of no more than 2-thousand-dollars for individuals and 4-thousand for families…with conditions. She got it!

She wanted them to take a second look at eligibility requirements in certain cases. She got it!

She wanted some employees (whose share of premiums through their employer-sponsored coverage is more than 10 percent of their income) to qualify for the tax credit. She got it!

Don’t ask me what any of them do – or mean. I don’t even know if I’m phrasing them right – I just know she asked for change and got some change! ‘Cause she is in a position to demand…and get!

I wonder if I can ask her to get me the same kind of Health Care that Congress gets. I bet she would get that too!

If the Maine republican votes with the Democrats, Obama comes out on top. But he could go down in defeat if she sides with her party and votes no, as republicans plan to do.

Google Snowe on the internet and you find headlines like these:

Snowe Stands in Eye of Health Care Storm. GOP Senator Finds Herself in Influential Position in Reform Debate.”

Here’s what Time Magazine had to say about Snowe in an article (Sept. 25, 2009) titled: Seducing Olympia Snowe: The Key to Health Reform

Quiz time: Which of the following provisions has been tucked into the most closely watched health-care bill on Capitol Hill thanks to Senator Olympia Snowe of Maine? Is it a) an annual checkup for every Medicare beneficiary, b) a special health-insurance marketplace in every state that would cater to the needs of small businesses or c) new tax credits to help modest-size firms buy coverage for their workers?

The answer is all of the above. As the only Republican on the Finance Committee still in talks with Democrats on a final bill, Snowe now finds herself with extraordinary leverage as crunch time hits for health reform.

President Obama is trying very hard to win Snowe over and while she hasn’t said publicly yet (far as I know) how she will vote, she seems to like the president and doesn’t see him as a big government liberal who is pushing to expand government. That’s how Snowe’s fellow republicans tend to paint president Obama.

Snowe was born in 1947, in Augusta, Maine. Her father was Greek, her mother from Sparta. After the death of her parents, she was raised by her aunt and uncle.

She attended a Greek Orthodox school in Garrison, New York, and earned a degree in political science from the University of Maine.

Senator Snowe is married to former Maine Governor, John R. McKernan Jr.

Say hello to my new Ted Kennedy…


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