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Acorn has been caught in a conservative trap…

Because its roots were not as grounded as the tree from which it falleth…

Acorn knows that the republicans don’t like it. Nothing to do with any alleged ACORN association with prostitutes, just ask Louisiana republican David Vitter (his number was on a D.C. madam’s list) or Idaho Senator Larry Craig or televangelist Ted Haggard… (Don’t know who they are? Google!)

Republicans want to destroy ACORN because the group has a liberal agenda and helps register low/no-income people to vote and these folks don’t vote republican. If Acorn was registering millionaires, republicans would go find prostitutes for Acorn.

However, for an employee of any organization, especially one that gets federal funds to counsel clients on ways to avoid paying taxes is wrong. And stupid! Of course Tax accountants do this every day for the republicans and their wealthy friends and donors.

Their tax advisors find them tax shelters, help wealthy people stash their money in Swiss banks and talk about trusts and estates and 529 Plans and Roth IRA’s and minimizing the Death Tax burden and so on. And of course, that’s OK.

Republicans and their lobbyists find ways to avoid declaring gifts as taxes (just claim your wife was handling the bills and you didn’t know, really, silly me…I mean you!)

Republicans are not the only ones who do this. Democrats do it, Independents do it. The only people who don’t so it are poor people. The ones Republicans are always trying to crush and tread on!

Still, Acorn, what were you thinking?

You look so ghetto!

In walks a pimp straight out of those stupid black ghetto movies with the “Ho” or should I say “B” and you’re counseling these people to hide their revenue.

The staffer is suggesting that the prostitute call herself a: “freelance performing artist.” Freelance? There’s a lance involved but it’s not free!

And the Acorn staffer is telling the pimp he could claim the young prostitutes as dependents! For what, drugs?

What kind of educational backgrounds are Acorn looking for in their hires? And what else is going on over there? Come on!

And will those fired employees please call me? I need some tax advice. I’m apparently paying too much!

Democrats of course, are running as far away from Acorn as they can. Democrats are just so chicken! You got to admire republicans for at least standing by their bad guys! With Democrats all you have to do is sneeze, and they’re off and running!

Running – like they did over Health Care.

Republicans say boo! They fall down!


Ask Democrats what a fight is and they think it’s a cross-country meet!

I would not run away from Acorn. I’d stand up and demand they clean house, and do it immediately. If it wasn’t for Acorn, maybe some of you would NOT be in office.

Nebraska Republican Mike Johanns offered an amendment to bar ACORN from getting any money from the fiscal 2010 Interior Appropriations bill (HR 2996) and 45 Senate Democrats along with Joseph Lieberman, (one-time Democrat, now independent /“wink, wink” republican from Connecticut).

Even House Speaker Nancy Pelosi called for a thorough investigation of ACORN.

John Boehner asked President Obama to cut off all federal financing: “It is evident that Acorn is incapable of using federal funds in a manner consistent with the law.”

Are you, Mr. Boehner, referring to the same “law” of the land under which the Bush administration and republicans were giving the go-ahead to torture suspects…spiriting them off to faraway places so our hands would be clean?

Republicans, who have long been itching to get even with ACORN, have introduced bills that would end all federal funding to the group.

I’m glad to see, though, that some Democrats do have balls. Some are not rushing to hang and quarter ACORN.

As New York Representative Jerrold Nadler put it:

“It may be that ACORN is guilty of various infractions, and if so they should be investigated…Congress must not be in the business of punishing individual organizations or people without trial. That’s what this amendment did, and it is flatly prohibited by the Constitution.”

Thank God for you, Rep, Nadler. Any more…?


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