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Is “The News” News?

According to the Pew Research Center, the credibility of the News Media is sagging – Surprise, surprise!!

Who would have guessed? Let’s just look at the web sites of some media outlets today (09/14/09) to see if we, in our simplicity, can figure out why!

• Popular Stories Today

Breaking Boston News, Weather & Sports | Fox 25 – OK

Police: Body of Yale student Annie Le found – OK

Kanye West interrupts Taylor Swift during MTV Video Music Awards – Various channels are running it, over and over, (and the networks likely will too, later) BUT frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn.

Mom Leaves Hospital With the Wrong Baby – Another mistake? How many do you tell us about before one of you wonders WHY it keeps happening and investigate? Ain’t that the story?

Bicyclist killed, 1 hurt in Amherst hit-and-run – Local interest.

Stoughton Pizza owner fights off robber – Good for you pizza owner. Also, check America’s Dumbest Criminals.

Boston officials under fire for deleting e-mails – Really? Given all the questionable things we could question, this the best we can do…?

Manatee spotted in Dennis – And there was I planning to go to Florida!

Son: Kopechne’s death motivated Kennedy – And aren’t we lucky it did!

Convicted Beverly police officer Stuart Merry faces termination – Don’t see why he should, do you?

Grizzly Bear Goes for Swim in Mont. Pool – Good to know. Will avoid Montana pools!

3 Reasons Serena, Tennis Players Explode – I could come up with many more!

Identity-Theft Victim Catches Her Thief – About time victims started fighting back!

Man Travels to 37 Countries on $2 – Can’t take local train for said amount; must find out how he doed it!

Bear Attacks Colo. Man Inside His Home – Wait, I thought the bear was in Montana…swimming!

China Building Space Launch Center – Now here’s a story. Isn’t NASA feeling a budget crunch? Aw, who cares anyway, when there are so many Bear’s around, including on Wall Street!

NFL players promise brains to research – NFL player’s brains? They have brains? Sorry guys, been reading too much about those arrests.

OK. How about WHDH, Channel 7 (NBC affiliate)?

Kidnap suspects return to Calif court for hearing

Report blames pilot for deadly Ark. plane crash

First trial over FEMA trailer fumes opens in La.

Straight spouses advocate same-sex marriage – I’m miserable…you should too?

NYC trial over socialite Astor’s will nears end – Hope she remembered me!

NJ pharmacy tech sues employer over mock holdup – What’s there to say? Hot coffee?

Bullying laws give scant protection – people writing laws are afraid of bullies?

Report: FBI probing ‘stolen’ Jackie Kennedy note – Whitey Bulger may know something?

Search for Yale student turns to Conn. incinerator

Sebelius: Swine flu shots may start early October

I notice that both channels have a section titled Bizarre News. Some examples:

• Crews dodge flying corks in Wyo. wine truck fire

• Honolulu seeks to ban bad odors on buses

• Pingpong lovers: China allows champ a girlfriend

• This blows! $5K horn, trumpet stolen in NYC subway

• Dog makes meal of NC deputy cruiser’s 4 tires

I’m not wondering why people are tuning out – are you?

Researchers at the Pew Center released their poll released Sunday (Sept. 23/2009). It finds nearly two-thirds of Americans think the news stories they read, hear and watch are often inaccurate and biased.

I will follow up on that in a subsequent blog.

My disillusionment with the NEWS isn’t over the facts. I differentiate between News and Opinion. For me it’s content.

I really don’t care about bears swimming around a pool in Montana. Now if it was a T-Rex?



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