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Real mother to Michael Jackson’s Kids!

Poor Michael Jackson…

Did he have any sperm at all?

To believe news reports, none of his kids are his…they all belong to a rag-tag assortment of hangers on and so-called friends that I’m happy I don’t have.

Way too much sperm was apparently swirling around Neverland. Everybody gave sperm or knows of somebody who donated sperm!

One of them, former child star Mark Lester, godfather to the King of Pop’s kids, says he might, just possibly, be the actual father of Jackson’s daughter, Paris.

He even went so far as to drag his own 15-year-old daughter in front of the camera, (Today Show) into the spotlight, so those of us who can’t rest until we know who fathered Jackson’s kids, can finally have our brains find some peace, like Michael Jackson should!

Don’t stress over it, Mr. Lester; they can’t keep the truth from her! One day she will Google who her real dad is, and your name will come up! She will be very happy you went on TV!

If I was that kid that he’s claiming to father, I’d run as far away for that odious man as I could! Supposing, just supposing, he is the girl’s father, why is he on television making his argument? Is he trying to convince us that he’s a good parent? Who’d put their kids through that?

If those kids were poor little homeless orphans, without a famous and potentially lucrative inheritance, would anybody be coming forward to “claim” them?

Why don’t I say that I’m the real mother of those kids? You know what, I never met Michael Jackson, but I could be those kids mother. Actually, I think I AM THEIR MOTHER! And I want my kids. I miss them so, you see, ever since Michael, with all his celebrity and fame paid me off and took them.

It’s true that if he was still alive today, I would not be missing them so much, but back then, they didn’t have any money of their own. Now, it’s different, with all those record sales since their dad passed away – and I WILL NOT STAND BY AND LET CATHERINE JACKSON TAKE WHAT IS RIGHTFULLY MINE!

Oooh! It was good to get that out of my system.

So, getting back to the King of Pop, the L.A. coroner has made it official. Jackson died from: an overdose of propofol…a powerful sedative he was given to help him sleep.

I would never have thought that! I was thinking all the time that he died from exhaustion, planning that concert in combination with maybe a weak heart? Who would have thought that Jackson and other celebrities indulge in drugs?

Don’t they all just die from old age? I’ve not heard of any other instances where celebrities overdosed on drugs or died from kinky asphyxiations or spousal jealousies…have you?

Jackson’s family lawyer says: “there was a tragic and gross violation of duty and care for Michael Jackson.”

Do any of the Jacksons feel that they should have been looking out for their brother/son?

Where were they while he was being overdosed, fleeced and misled? Could the Jackson family have gotten in touch with the Williams sisters dad?

Think anybody is going to get Venus or Serena Williams so befuddled as to put those tennis aces on propofol without dad Richard Williams breaking that bedroom door down and kicking some butt?

How about Tiger Woods’s dad? You think anybody could have sneaked past the late Mr. Earl Woods to put Tiger on propofol?

I loved to see Michael Jackson perofrm and pity him for his lost childhood, the push for fame and his inner misery. He clung desperately to his missed childhood!

However, Michael isn’t hurting anymore. All the hurting now is being born by those kids. Please leave them alone.

Anyone who claims to love those kids will protect them, and resolve any issues OUT OF THE SPOTLIGHT!


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