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Archive for August 13, 2009

Hilary Rodham, er…Clinton – is my girl!

Anyone who feels brave enough to ask Secretary of state Hilary Rodham Clinton a question about her attractive, sexy husband — former president Bill Clinton, (unless it’s “How is Bill?” and maybe not even THAT!) should please join the military. Uncle Sam definitely needs brave men and women like you!

Who didn’t see how she snapped at that male student in The Democratic Republic of Congo, (Zaire) who (reportedly meant to ask her what Obama though of something, but instead) asked her what Bill thinks of it? Oh boy – I was here, in front of my TV two continents away, and I was scared. You better believe no one in the Congo will want to mess with America, now!

Oh Yes, it’s gonna be a long time before somebody, anybody, asks Madam Secretary of State:

• What her husband is doing?


• What her husband is saying?

I love it!!! That wasn’t Mrs. Clinton talking…that was Hillary Rodham talking! Mee-wow!

So what exactly was Hillary doing in the Congo? In typical American fashion, most people don’t know!

Whom did she meet with? Where did she visit?

We don’t know, do we? The media showed us over and over that clip of Hillary testily answering the question. We know that! The Huffington Post ran a very enlightening article about Clinton’s visit, including her interview with local station Radio Okapi*. They spoke about Human Rights, Chinese investments and the ongoing corruption in Congo leader Joseph Kabila’s government.

I especially like this passage from Hillary:

President Obama would like to forge a new chapter in the relationship between the Congolese people and the American people, that I’m here to explore ways that we could work together, but that we believe strongly there must be an end to impunity, an end to corruption, more transparency and accountability; that the mineral and other natural resource riches of this country should be used for the benefit of the Congolese people, not for a very small group that have historically benefitted, not just for outside corporations or countries that extract the riches and leave with them without really putting back the commensurate investment in the country. And we think there are a lot of areas where we could be helpful, and we’re going to explore whether that’s possible.

Did we hear about that, of course not! THAT’S not important!!

Get details from the Huffington Post:

Hillary Clinton in Congo: Tempers, Human Rights, and Media Cliché.

** (According to information put out by The Communication Initiative Network Radio Okapi was launched in 2002. It’s a project by the United Nations (UN) and Foundation Hirondelle which works to promote dialogue and peace-building in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). It includes nine radio stations broadcasting in French and 4 other commonly spoken languages in the Congo. Programs are devoted to themes like health, education, human rights, culture, and music.

Along with its head studio in Kinshasa, Radio Okapi is a network of 9 radio stations scattered across the country. It broadcasts across political and military boundaries. The stations feed information to the Kinshasa headquarters, providing material for a single program. The material is then rebroadcast over different frequencies in each of the studios in the other towns. The network is served by satellite, short-wave and FM transmitters. In order to reach the sizeable Congolese diaspora, it also broadcasts live on the internet with streaming audio versions of the network’s programming).

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