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Archive for August 12, 2009

Health Care: New Angry Republican Rallying Point

How many of you remember those Headlines from about a year ago?

Anger Is Crowd’s Overarching Emotion at McCain Rally, Washingtonpost

• Panic attacks: Voters unload at GOP rallies, politico

• Republican anger bubbles up at McCain rally, Reuters, Minnesota

• The Political Carnival: David Gergen talks about anger at McCain Rally

• McCain-Palin’s hot rhetoric risks GOP backlash

• Rage rising on the McCain campaign trail –

Or this video: McCain Rally/Angry Supporter

If link doesn’t work, try:

Isn’t it disturbing to see all these same screaming people popping up again? They’re acting even more irrationally now, over Health Care Reform.

Do we need to behave like vultures over a Health Care carcass? What kind of Opposition Party whips its supporters into a frenzy to deliberately sabotage an issue so vital to the country, BECAUSE THEY CAN’T AFFORD TO LET IT SUCEED?

Early on, Republicans asked their supporters to stop Obama from succeeding, and they will do whatever it takes to make this happen, even if it means destabilizing and undermining his programs!

Both parties cannot rule at the same time – THERE WILL ALWAYS BE AN OPPOSITION (at least, we hope so) and the role of the opposition is to provide a constructive, balanced, civil, respectful discourse and show voters where the government is going wrong. THE ROLE OF THE OPPOSITIION IS NOT TO UNDERMINE THE GOVERNMENT!

I watch hysterical, out of control “protestors” with veins popping, shouting down speakers, swearing at them, making wild, unfounded allegations and refusing to see or hear any reason at all. Why?

Check out this video at a meeting in Pennsylvania led by Democratic Senator Arlen Specter:

(Network videos start with an ad, may have more than one story)

Lebanon, PA


(PS: I thought Specter would be standing before God, but if that man says God will stand before Specter, then it must be so!!)

Anyway, this isn’t about Health Care; this is still about a set of people who WILL NEVER accept the fact that a BLACK man is in the White House, that he’s not hypocritically quoting from the Bible in coded terms and doesn’t share their misguided views on race and other issues.

Remember during the campaign how republicans misquoted facts, deliberately twisted them, spread rumors that Obama is a Muslim, and used their talk-show surrogates to spread gossip, rumor and innuendo— while denying any involvement?

Remember those McCain Town Hall meetings. Isn’t that eerily similar to the acrimony, absurd reasoning, denunciation, deliberate misrepresentation of facts and screaming that we saw then? Republicans used rumor, innuendo and calculated attacks to brand Obama as a terrorist, who palled around with other terrorists, that he was a Muslim…and an Arab! They also rallied supporters at gatherings by referring to Obama as “Barak Hussein Obama”?

Now, we are back to those tactics.

McCain’s ex-running mate, Sarah Palin, has invented a death panel that she says is part of the Obama health Care Plan. According to Palin, under Obama’s plan, she’d have to stand in front of a “death panel” to argue for the life of her son with Down Syndrome.

(The Obama Plan should include a proviso to prevent people from using their special needs kids to score political mileage.)

PALIN’S Face Book page says: in the America she knows, people won’t have to “stand in front of Obama’s ‘death panel’ so his bureaucrats can decide, based on a subjective judgment of their ‘level of productivity in society,’ whether they are worthy of health care.” She calls the system: “downright evil.”

Only Palin knows where she got that fact…according to ABC News, there is NO such provision in Obama’s Health Care Plan.



Even health care experts who don’t support the Obama bill call the accusations: shocking, inflammatory and incorrect. But a little thing like truth won’t stop those hell-bent on finding weapons of mass destruction.

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