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Sotomayor: Si, Se Puede.

Bienvenida, Sotomayor! Welcome to the U.S Supreme Court, Wise Latina Woman!

“We The People” of these United States are actually beginning to look like the people.

While Congress was making history, sitting a Latina woman on the nation’s highest court, right-wing pundits were gagging and sputtering over their prescription pills! The outrage against white males that congress perpetuated this day is surely akin to treason. How dare lawmakers vote for a Hispanic, when these pundits keep reminding us that Hispanics bring disease, crime and mortgage meltdowns into the nation?

Before Hispanics America was a country where everybody got along, there was no need for hospitals as everybody was extremely healthy and every family owned a home that they could actually afford! There were no foreclosures…at all! And rumors of prostitution in the Wild West were just that, rumors!

Now that Hispanics have arrived and forever ruined the peace, instead of relegating them to enclaves in some parts of the country, they are actually getting into positions of authority…like the Supreme Court! And what’s more, as Hispanics, they may, just may, be sympathetic to other Hispanics…something that no other race would ever, ever do. Empathy is a trait that only Hispanics possess!

And Justice Clarence Thomas’s views on Affirmative Action have nothing to do with his life experiences. They’re all grounded in the law!

Nevada Senator John Ensign is one of the many republicans who decided to vote against Sotomayor. Ensign said he has doubts about Sotomayor’s impartiality and takes his “…responsibility as Nevada’s senator very seriously and feel I need to protect the sanctity of our Constitution.”

I admire the senator for wanting to protect the sanctity of the Constitution. How about the sanctity of marriage? Apparently, Ensign isn’t too concerned about protecting that.

In an article in Ensign’s home paper, The Las Vegas Sun, writer Jon Ralston says he recently posted e-mails on his blog (on the Sun’s website) that purport to show that last year, (2008), Ensign apparently asked his top political operative to find a job in the man’s company for the husband of a woman Ensign was having an affair with. The husband, Ensign’s good friend and top aide, worked for Ensign as his administrative assistant. Ensign admitted to the affair in June (2009).


Remember Harriet Myers? President Bush’s White House counsel who withdrew her Supreme Court nomination to replace justice Sandra Day O’Connor?

There were widespread complaints about her lack of legal credentials, doubts about her ability and assertions of cronyism because of her longtime association with Bush. Conservatives immediately bashed Miers for her: lack of judicial experience and constitutional background, and her close relationship with Bush. The anti-Miers republican revolt forced Bush and Miers to withdraw!

Ensign was not too hot on Miers, himself, but he defended much of the criticism of Miers as “unfair”.

Sotomayor got fewer votes (68-31) than John Roberts (78) (Czech on mothers side) but more votes than Italian-American Samuel Alito, (58) who replaced Miers and was confirmed.

Judge Sotomayor may not necessarily be the most brilliant judge in America. But I bet little Puerto Rican girls are looking at her and saying: Si Se Puede.


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