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Americans! Stay Away from Iran, North Korea…

You have no place going there unless you belong to (or are affiliated with) a select group that includes: The military, contractors, spies, businesspeople, diplomats, etc…

My Mother said, I never should, play with the gypsies in the wood, If I did, she would say, you naughty girl to disobey.

I immediately remembered this old nursery rhyme when I heard about those three Americans who went hiking along Iran’s border.

If a friend tells me don’t do something – maybe I can shrug and say, neh! My sister, brother tells me don’t do it – I can also shrug and say, bah! My mom, dad says don’t do it? Whatever!
But when the State Department says don’t do it – OK, now! It’s about time to listen. The next level of authority (for Christians, at least) is God…and I don’t need a burning bush to be convinced!

Still, those three intrepid travelers were not convinced by all the people, including the government, who told them it was a bad idea. They wanted to see a “waterfall.” They left America, with its abundance of waterfalls, including the world-famous NIAGARA FALLS, (where Canada would not have arrested them) and decided they absolutely had to see, just HAD to see…that Kurdish waterfall. So much so, they allegedly ignored warnings from border guards! Why? Is that waterfall on some endangered list?

These three Americans therefore handed themselves to Iran as pawns for an international chess game that all of us must now play. Nxd4. Only it’s more like Wizard’s Chess, in Harry Potter.

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is facing opposition protests over the results of the June 12 presidential election and he’s happy to get something tangible to parade before his country…to prop his claim that the West is behind the protests. He’s calling the Americans: CIA spies. Yep, CIA as in: Confused, Idiotic Americans!

Iranian guards apparently nabbed the three Americans in a popular hiking area, in the mountainous Kurdish region between Iraq and Iran. The poorly marked border region is near the resort town where the three were staying.
So what now?

The U.S. does not have diplomatic relations with Iran, so we’re depending on the Swiss to act as a go between. Somehow, I don’t think the Iranians are too interested in cheese or watches!

Seems to me that Americans need to STOP flirting with danger along the borders of countries like Iran, Iraq, and North Korea. Stop it. There are many, many places in the world where Americans can go and won’t get arrested. Yellowstone Park has waterfalls…and if it’s danger you want, that park sits on a humongous volcanic super-crater that blows her top every million years or so!

For others, who just must go hang-gliding over some hostile territory that the State Department warns people to stay away from, please remember:

1. Journalist Roxana Saberi spent more than three months in an Iranian jail, before her eight-year prison sentence on espionage charges was reduced and suspended.

2. North Korea captured U.S. journalists Laura Ling and Euna Lee, while they were filming near the North Korean/Chinese border, March 17…and they are still being held.

3. Christian Science Monitor reporter, Jill Carroll, captured in Baghdad in January 2006 and freed after nearly 3-months.

If the State Department was anything like me, I’d start leaving people over there.

It’s like I tell my teenage son: There are many things I’ve warned you about. Don’t sass the cops, for one. If you ever disregard those warnings and consciously put yourself in that situation and the police arrest you, I WILL LEAVE YOU IN THAT CELL, FOR AS MANY DAYS AS I DEEM NECESSARY TO TEACH YOU A LESSON.

And what’s more, he knows I’ll do it…plus, I’ll ask the cops to make his life miserable, too!


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