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Race, Steroids – Here We Go Again…and Again!

Boston, with its racist past, (this was the city where baseball great Jackie Robinson took to the field at Fenway Park and an announcement on the loudspeaker said: “Get this nigger off the field!”)…and, some would argue, its racist present too, was basking in the sun of our self-righteousness, when we were brought back rudely down to earth!

(Information from the internet says: In 1945, The Red Sox, under pressure from the Boston city council, agreed to hold a tryout at Fenway for Robinson and fellow Negro Leaguers. But it was a sham. The Red Sox didn’t sign any of them. The Red Sox could have been the first team to integrate. Instead, it became the last, holding out until 1959; 12-years after Robinson broke the color barrier with the Brooklyn Dodgers.)

One would have expected that race debacle to be happening in Boston, not Cambridge at all, given that city’s history of tolerance and diversity.

So we apparently decided to take back what we rightfully see as OUR debate.

• Boston cop, Justin Barrett, decided to e-mail his comrades (at the National Guard) and share his not so tolerant views about the Henry Louis Gates incident. In his wisdom, he apparently referred to the Harvard professor as a “jungle monkey.”

Barrett offended even those of us who don’t think too highly of the eminent Gates. Police Commissioner Edward Davis immediately surrounded himself with members of the black community and called his officer’s comments: “racist and inflammatory”…and said those “racist opinions have no place in our department or our society and will not be tolerated.”

The Boston cop is suspended subject to a termination hearing.

Note to other cops, officials, presidents and the ordinary Joe or George (of the jungle or not!). NO MORE DICTUMS ABOUT RACE, NOTHING, NADA. ZIP IT! Race…what race? No race issues in Boston, or Cambridge, or Massachusetts.

We are all getting along now, bro.

• I could see shock waves rippling across Red Sox Nation when the news broke Thursday (July 30) morning. Uber slugger, David Ortiz, “Big Papi”, tested positive (along with Manny Ramirez) for steroids back in 2003. The year before Boston broke it’s long World Series drought, and won baseball’s highest prize!

Now let’s see the smug asses who took to the airwaves and internet to castigate New York Yankees slugger Alex Rodriguez! How are you doing now, hypocrites? Denigrating Barry Bonds! Oh, he’s the lowest of the low, shouldn’t be in the Hall Of Fame…more like Hall of Shame? Who’s YOUR daddy now?

Isn’t it just too foolish and juvenile to think that the Red Sox players are so saintly and noble that they’re looking around at everybody else doing steroids and blasting homers…while they themselves are heading to the gym with a bag of energy bars?

Naturally, with fans usual impartiality, Rodriguez and Ramirez are cheatin’ no-goods!  Shame on them for using steroids! Meanwhile, you’ll be “Standing (steadfastly) by Your Man” here at Fenway.

I sardonically told my son, when Papi started slumping, after the Ramirez revelation, that maybe Ortiz went off steroids? My son went: Moomm! (Kids use this aggrieved voice, as if to say, that’s so not true!) Now I’m not saying his slump is/was due to steroids/or the lack thereof. Not saying that at all!

Just saying to Sox Nation: You will now go behind the Sox clubhouse and throw up, then you’ll dress in Sackcloth and Ashes and maybe – grow up?

Ortiz and Ramirez are apparently on the list of 104 players who tested positive in Major League Baseball’s 2003 survey testing for performance-enhancing drugs. The tests were agreed to and conducted only on the condition that the results would remain anonymous.

97 names are still under wraps. But I can hear the glue peeling off!

Anonymous ain’t what it used to be, though.  More players are likely to get some opened presents!


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