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Crowley and Gates go to Washington!

Residents of Massachusetts (the state that gave you The Boston Tea Party and the Gates Controversy) apparently wanted to know (well, one of the TV stations thought we wanted to know) if taxpayers are going to be footing the bill for that peace-making junket to DC!.

The Cambridge Police Union is paying for Sgt. James Crowley, his wife and 3 kids plus a union spokesman to travel to DC. As for Gates, Harvard says it doesn’t know who’s paying for the professor. (I think airlines, which absolutely hate having to deal with profiling accusations, have decided that professor Gates can now fly free!)

Phew, what a relief! We’ll never stop paying for the Big Dig. Imaging having to take this on too! Which got me thinking: Is there any waste of taxpayers’ money involving alcohol that I could uncover? So I checked, (Googled it, really) and there it was, in the 2009 Pig Book!

200K for alcohol interdiction for investigating and prosecution of bootlegging crimes as part of a statewide effort to reduce Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, in Juneau, Alaska.
95K for the Santa Barbara, California Summit High School. for educational programming to reduce school risk factors for students recovering from drug and alcohol abuse.
190K Sonoma County Dept. of Health, Santa Rosa, for partnerships with senior service providers for alcohol and drug abuse prevention and education in the senior population.
500K (Half-a-million!) Portable autonomous fluid-less near-infrared non-invasive alcohol testing devices , New Mexico
714K Chiesman Foundation for Democracy, Inc., Rapid City, Sputh Dakota, to establish a Center for Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders.

So, feeling rather pleased with myself, I checked travel, and this came up:

190K for Florida Campus Compact, Tallahassee, for a project to enhance service learning on campuses throughout Florida, which may include equipment, lodging, and travel
285K St. Bonaventure University, for the Father Mychal Judge program, which may include student scholarships and travel costs for student exchanges and visiting professorships.

So I decided to check Massachusetts, and found that the inquiring TV station’s “Investigative Team” has some work to do:

475K – YWCA Southeastern Massachusetts, New Bedford for rehabilitation of the Levi Standish House and Construction of the Carriage House. Barney Frank
95K – Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts, North Adams, for a collection of science materials for K-12 educators and professional development. John Olver
285K – Landscape Connectivity Study for Massachusetts, UMass-Amherst. Olver
952K – RNAJ Research University of Massachusetts Medical School, Worcester. James McGovern and John Olver.
238K – Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, Boston, for facilities and equipment. Michael Capuano.
1M, 189K – Western Massachusetts collaborative wind project. John Olver
143K – Health Care of Southeastern Massachusetts, Brockton, for equipment. John Kerry/Ted Kennedy
250K – Town of Lexington Massachusetts Police Department Town of Lexington. Enhanced School Security Through Technology. Lexington. Edward Markey/Kennedy/Kerry
1M – Massachusetts Marine Fisheries Institute for continued research into the New England scallop fishery, to promote sustainability New Bedford. Frank/Kennedy/Kerry
650K – University of Massachusetts, Amherst Climate System Research Center Amherst. Olver/KennedyKerry
100K – University of Massachusetts, Amherst large Millimeter Telescope Amherst (NASA). Olver/Kennedy/Kerry
190K – Massachusetts 2020 Foundation, Boston, for the continued development of an extended learning time initiative. Kennedy/Kerry
$247* – Massachusetts Technology Collaborative Renewable Energy Economic Development Center, Boston, MA. Kennedy/Kerry
190K – Massachusetts Attorney general for repair of abandoned houses Kennedy/Kerry
95K – University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, North Dartmouth, for the Center for Frank/Kennedy/Kerry
247K – University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, Advanced Technical and Manufacturing Center business incubator, Fall River. Kennedy/Kerry
238K – Commonwealth of Massachusetts Department of Public Health, Boston, for the continued development of a program to reduce health disparities and infant mortality. Kennedy/Kerry
143K – Eunice Kennedy Shriver Center, University of Massachusetts Medical School, Waltham, for facilities and equipment. Markey/Kerry

How do you like your pork – rare? Well cooked?

*Er, can that TV reporter investigate if the Massachusetts Technology Collaborative Renewable Energy Economic Development Center, in Boston, is getting just 247 dollars…or 247-thousand?

Never mind. I don’t care, do you?


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