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White House Invites, dogs and Friend Requests

I’d like some help and tips for getting invited to the White House for tea (I rarely drink).

I have some ideas. For instance, I’m thinking that maybe I can start a ruckus and diss any cops who respond to the disturbance. That’s assuming, of course, that they are white cops. If cops who come are black, I’ll simply chill out and mumble something about having a bad moment, back then, but that I’m much better now. Why bother? Black cops won’t arrest me, no matter what I do, cause I’m a sistah! But white cops! Boy, they’d beat the shit out of me. Kicking, punching, stomping me…yelling things about my mama. I’d end up in a cast. Michelle Obama would invite me to the White House, to enjoy her garden.

So, is there anything else of importance making news this week?

How about Governor Patrick’s dog? The MA governor’s puppy, Tobey, bit a woman’s hand during a town-hall style meeting in Boston’s Roxbury neighborhood. Officials say the woman bent down to pet the dog. He left a red, pin-sized hole in her hand. Tobey does not need to worry. Tobey, who’s black, will be defended by Harvard professor, Louis Gates. I don’t know, but I’m supposing the woman is not White…’cause if she is, why Tobey, you sly dog – can’t read what’s in your mind, but were you doing some “racial profiling”?

President Obama’s Health Care Reform isn’t looking so Dead On Arrival after all. House Democratic Caucus, Representative, John Larson, said Friday, the House of Representatives may vote on a healthcare reform bill next week.  Which leaves me wondering – what’s with Obama? Have you noticed that whenever things start going badly for him, they make a sudden reverse? Here he was, slipping in the polls; bad economy, bad choice of words to describe police in Cambridge, MA; Health Care Reform is looking iffy and we’re about to ask for a divorce, when suddenly, Bam! He invites that Cambridge cop to the White House…tugging at our heartstrings…and making us fall in love all over again! I’m back to grinning like an idiot!

Someone took a photo of Cambridge cop, Sgt. James Crowley, talking to president Obama on his cell phone, Friday. Crowley and some friends were apparently having lunch at an eating establishment when the cop’s cell phone rang. And it was ze president! (Observers say Crowley kept repeating; no I don’t want a lollipop, Mr. President – why did you call me stupid?) OK, that’s not true, I made it up, but I’m looking for a controversy, remember? Anyway, people apparently formed a circle around Crowley and burst into applause when the call ended.

See what YOU did, professor Gates? I don’t know if Crowley has a Facebook Page (he should now) but he just got a friend request from the Commander-in-Chief. Now how cool is that?


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