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Frozen Health Care Reform Tart


Large tub of Health Care Reform

1 black Harvard University professor, with attitude

1 police officer, from Cambridge, MA

Pair of handcuffs

1 taxi driver, also black

A nice Cambridge neighborhood

Jammed door

1 concerned neighbor

1 curious neighbor, with a camera and ulterior motives

A handful of gullible friends

Bag of extra-dark chocolate-covered race nuggets

1 controversial remark from the current President

Media attention

Congressional Black Caucus

Comedian Bill Cosby

Defiant Cambridge Police Union

Cop-supporting Public


Freeze Health Care Reform debate overnight. Set aside Black Caucus, Cosby and Police Union. Let black cabbie drive professor to Cambridge neighborhood. Slowly stir in jammed door. Add neighbors, police officer, and handcuffs. (Take photo of mixture to post online –optional.) Freeze for a week. Remove mixture from freezer and set oven to broil. Mix in professor’s gullible friends, race nuggets, and media. Throw in presidential remark. Add more media. Stir. Very carefully mix in Congressional Black Caucus, police union and public. Bake until edges are slightly charred.

Garnish with Cosby comment. Serve piping hot atop a very thin slice of frozen Health Care Reform.

Servings: About 300 million. Calories per serving: 0

Quick Defrost
1 contrite remark from the current president. Microwave on high for 5-minutes. Pour over frozen pie.


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