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Cheerleading…and Nuclear Waste.

I may have lulled you into thinking, falsely, that the only shows I listen to or watch on T.V. are educational programs.

I do like to watch those programs. (My pre-teen son thinks I’m boring!) And yes, I did make him watch a documentary about how the Earth was formed, from a scientific point of view.

(Doesn’t mean I don’t believe in a higher power.) I just also believe in science, otherwise I would not be using the internet right now…or popping that nice antibiotic that the doctors say will help get rid of my cough.

Having said this, I am going to tell you what I was watching over the weekend. I am giving you a few seconds to guess…and I bet you never will!

The tryouts for the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders! Umm-hmm. Cheerleaders! From a putely scientific level, of course!

I didn’t only watch one episode. I watched back to back episodes.

I find it fascinating to watch those wide-eyed eager young women who set themselves up for body part critiques (and I’m being kind here. This is ego-crushing, id-deflating criticism with a capital C). First of all, they’re like size two. (O.K, I don’t know; to my untrained eye they all look fine to me.)

The “veterans”, those who made the squad last year also need to re-try for a spot. Rookies who are too heavy and (veterans who put on weight this time round) need to immediately get rid of the pound…or two! So they promise to do cardio and diet or run a marathon across the Sahara…whatever it takes to fit into the skimpy little short, short shorts…and barley there thong of a top.

Some girls apparently just don’t cut it in dancing. Some don’t make the grade because they lack the “wow” factor…they do not have “it”. I was wondering how to know what “it” is, then I remembered President Clinton. “It” IS what it is…as my New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick likes to say.

I mostly empathize with those girls, except the ones who come to the auditions/boot camp unprepared mentally, emotionally and physically. I do not want to be a Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader, or any other kind of cheerleader. Yet I know that competitors have to do sit-ups, pushups and high kicks. So I’d start doing all three…way in advance, if I intended to try out for the squad. But that’s just me. And my stupid planning!

And finally, a lesson for all, young and old. I have heard many, many warnings, urging people to be careful about what they post on their My Space pages. One girl got kicked off the tryouts for some inappropriate photos on her site.

Dallas Cheerleaders thought she looked sort of stripper-ish, (their words) long fake nails and big hair, so they got suspicious and apparently goggled her. Up popped the photos, and before she could ask: My Space? She was history! Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders management say anything that remotely looks embarrassing for them is a big no-no.

On a more serious vein…(can’t help it!)

CBS’s 60 Minutes (Sunday November 23/2008) had a rather interesting story about a break-in at a nuclear facility in South Africa…called Pelindaba. CBS says the heavily guarded nuclear plant holds enough weapons grade uranium to build a dozen atomic bombs!

Seems a year ago, some “intruders” broke into the facility, nestled in the African bush. That was the first time I was hearing about it…and it stirs many emotions.

Check it out for yourself.

First, there is the attitude of the South African government. They either know something they are not saying…or they’re just dumb. (It’s O.K. to withhold your facts/suspicions, but don’t feed us nonsense).

They want us to believe these “intruders” broke into a nuclear facility just to get maybe a laptop? The foolish, bungling “intruders” didn’t know the facility is a nuclear plant. Despite the two tall, hour-glass shaped concrete towers and heavy security!? I suppose they wouldn’t know the Empire State Building is a skyscraper, either?

CBS asked Ambassador Abdul Minty, one of South Africa’s top officials on nuclear policy, what the “intruders” were after and Minty says he doesn’t know!?

I know. They were looking for Tootsie Bars!

CBS says The U.S. government is worried, and is: offering to help secure Pelindaba and convert its highly enriched uranium into a form that won’t explode.

According to 60 Minutes, Ambassador Minty told them, this is how his government sees it: Why should they get rid of (their uranium) when others don’t? Why are they less secure than others?”

I wanted to hug Scott Pelley when he said:

Because these men got so far into the plant. They got into the emergency control center. They shot a man. There was a second team waiting outside that got…into a gunfight with your security people.”



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