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Me Sick, Detroit Sicker

IS anybody out there feeling as lethargic and down-trodden as I do?

I’ve been to the doctor three times in 6 weeks! I picked up a bug and it seems to ahve moved in. Probably lost it’s home in the mortgage meltdown!

However, being unable and/or unwilling to bustle around can be good. I let everything go. I watched T.V. all day, all night! Now that’s the life. Obama can try to fix Washington. Just give me James Bond! They were running a marathon because of the latest Bond film: “Quantum of Solace” (Whatever that means!) So I watched Mr. Bond save the world and I watched stupid shows I’d never watch normally: Like Real Housewives, the Atlanta ones.

So that was what I was doing while I was not blogging.

I did however hear about Detroit’s automakers who want Washington to Bail them out. And I have some thougnts on that in Big “Reduced” Three Begging…


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