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Paging the Clintons…and Racism Overseas.

Can anyone please let me know if the Clintons have been spotted anywhere outside the U.S…like Brazil, Botswana…Bangkok?

The world is rushing to congratulate Barack Obama on his victory. Even from republicans like Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice… (bet she voted secretly for Obama! She hates Cheney too, remember) to prominent democrats who do and don’t want jobs in an Obama Administration.

We’ve heard from Obama’s third cousin, on his grandfather’s side, fourteen times removed. We’ve heard from people in every depressed black area in America and overseas. Even Sarah Palin pledged co-operation. But I’m still waiting to hear from prominent power-couple: Hill and Bill!

The President and Mrs. Bush reached out. Iran is writing! Russia is calling! But so far, nothing publicly, from the Clintons. Maybe the Clintons have graciously decided to let Obama have his moment. They could also be having uncontrollable sobbing fits over Obama’s historic smashing of the ebony? ceiling.

Perhaps the Clintons see just one way to restore the family’s honor. Chelsea for President! They’ve probably taken her to a secret overseas location. Political ninja’s will immediately start training Chelsea how to kick and punch her way through a grueling primary process, until she stages her own bid to return the presidency to Clinton hands!

And by the way, when that phone rings at 3:00 A.M, we’re not scared about who will be answering it. Because if aides come rushing in shouting: Mr. President, Mr. President, there are four ICBM’s heading to D.C. Obama would probably hand the aides some water, tell them to calm down, then ask someone to get him the Pentagon!

Our new president is a cobra. Coiled, cool, calm, deadly – just waiting for ya! Then whoop – you’re history. Don’t mess with Obama, and I reckon a lot of people at the Capitol will learn that, the hard way! People see him coming and they see the suit. DON’T LET THE SUIT FOOL YOU. That guy does not blink! No blink, blink!

I also want to say: I wonder if any of the other candidates on the democratic slate would have delivered the margin of victory that Obama delivered. Would Clinton have turned Pennsylvania and Ohio blue? New Hampshire and Florida, maybe. Too many people, republicans and democrats, absolutely hate the Clintons, and many detest Hillary even more!

I like the Clintons. Bill really upset me with those veiled racial underpinnings in his remarks during the primaries – but you know what, if you write the word Clinton on a piece of paper and hand it to a republican, the person will start foaming at the mouth. That’s enough to make me love the Clintons, bless their hearts. Republicans call Hillary a bitch! I say “go girl!” One man’s bitch is another man’s barracuda! Whatever!

Now, president-elect Obama, just a little something for me. All the blogging I’ve been doing– FOR YOU!!! Can I join the list of people from Massachusetts who want jobs in your administration? I would like White House copy writer. Can I get that, please? O-K, how about paper shredder? Read my blog. I’ve been good to you, ain’t I? Praised you…and kicked your opponents, er, shins? I deserve a place in your administration. I’m waiting by the phone. I’m sure you’ll call me.


I’ve already warned the rest of the world about making America look like a racist freak nation. NO American leader wanted to create a master race of tall, blue-eyed blonds. Remember, Obama would NOT be here today! That Master Race would have wiped off ALL of Asia, Africa (including Obama’s grandparents) and the tropics…and culled a whole lot of other transplants! (They’d probably kill Obama’s mother too, for consorting with black men!)

The racism that came to America didn’t just fall from the sky!
It piggy backed on the Anglophiles. Their descendants in the Republican Party, today, remain latched onto white-only politics, refusing to let go…and still holding on for dear life. The same people who made Italians feel like dirt when they got here. The same ones who treated the Irish like dogs when they got here. The same ones saying today Hispanics bring diseases to the U.S. They conveniently forget the Measles, Chicken Pox, Small Pox and VENERAL DISEASES they brought to the “colonies” and emaciated native people, destroying entire populations!

Read the history of the Irish in Chicago, the Italians in New York. Talk about racism. I have always found it hard to grasp that Irish people who faced this abject, dismal, humiliating, enraging and degrading racism in Boston, then turned around, and inflicted the same kind of racism on blacks.

Heard about “Southie?” The last racial killing (of a black person) in South Boston occurred about 4 or so years ago! I have a cousin who, seven years ago, refused to drive in South Boston. South Boston has now changed so much, it is almost unrecognizable. Last St. Patrick’s Day, my son and I went and shot a whole roll of film of the annual parade. We waved and they waved…there have been blacks in the parade and last year, a nice Asian contingent with a dragon.

So give me/us a break. America has just had a few hundred years to deal with its issues. Europe was around in the first century…parts under the thumb of Rome who thought Europeans were “uncivilized”…yet they still haven’t gotten it right! The Asians haven’t gotten it right, either. The Japanese still can’t even admit, unequivocally, to their war-time atrocities against Koreans and others! Today, they’re twittering about racial injustice in America. Shut up!

As for China, (5-thousand years of written history!) the ethnic Han consider themselves superior to everybody on this earth, including unwanted, troublesome “minorities” like the Tibetans. And the darker-skinned you are, the less welcome you are! (I’ve been to Taiwan. Some of them acted like they’d never seen a black person before, and probably never had! They want to touch you. Pull your hair. Can’t blame them. I read an article that says they do the same thing in Utah.)

So leave us alone, snotty Europeans. Now it’s time for France to elect some Algerians and/or Tunisians from its banlieus and send them to the Elysee Palace. Don’t be racist, now! Hey, Germany, your turn. How about some Turks in the Bundestag. Kalil for Chancellor?

We have the Moral High Ground on this one. Nana nana nana! We have Obama! Nana nana nana…


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