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The Audacity of RED!

Oh My God it’s November 04! The Day After Election Day…and I’m wearing RED!

People who don’t know that I’m virulently anti-republican wonder if I’m making one last defiant, dying stand. Heck no! I’m just re-claiming the audacity to wear red! “Cause RED, apparently, just became the new blue!

I went and got snacks and settled in to watch the results. I thought it was going to be a long night with Obama and McCain battling it out state by defiant swing-state. You know – one of those baseball games where the bases are loaded, with two outs…and one run sends your team to the World Series. One more foul ball and you can’t look…!? I thought that’s what was going to happen.

But when Pennsylvania fell and Ohio? OHIO? I’m like what? What happened to that black republican Secretary of State or whomever Ohio had running the polls last time round? He ani’t there no more, or what? Before you know it, Obama has 107 Electoral Votes, then boom, just like that, the whole “elitist” west coast is in Obama’s very sexy pocket, CNN declares for Obama — and I ALMOST MISSED IT. There was no drama. No chards? No shenanigans. Just long lines! Must even the election, too, have to be as even keeled as Obama?

I am proud of America and proud of democrats. When I looked at the republican crowd gathered in Arizona for McCain and even here in Massachusetts, I saw a roomful of similar people. I looked at the democrats gathered everywhere for Obama, and I saw black, white, Hispanic, young, old, Asian, in-betweens, rich Oprah, the well-dressed, the not so well dressed, poor students…all hugging each other! The faces of America! Celebrating America! Martin Luther King would be so proud of his country!

And immigrants: don’t despair. The same Africa that sent slaves to America also sent us a president! Who knew? Obama’s father came to the U.S. as an immigrant/student. Just one generation later, his son is president of the U.S. You are here as an immigrant, today. One day, your son or grand-daughter, too, can BE president. That’s the American Dream.

Some of you probably kept up with the results with the help of the caffeine in a box of Joe. However, there are a couple of JOES who have NOT been helpful. And both need to go away! Joe “the plumber” wurzel-weasel, or whatever his name is…and Connecticut Senator, independent Senator, Joe Lieberman.
Lieberman was on stage with McCain and the republicans. Now that is what I call independent!

However, his region, New England, has pretty much yanked the welcome mat from under it’s republican lawmakers already in…or aspiring to get into…Washington. Yep, we pretty much told republicans to leave us to our elite-ness and go join the real America, like Utah! Lieberman’s state, Connecticut, voted 60/39 for Obama. But he’s campaigning with McCain! I guess 40-percent is still high…compared to Bush?

McCain was gracious in his concession. But did you see that body language between the Palins and the McCains after his concession speech on stage last night? Nope? Go back, take a look. Those two are beyond feuding. They’re likely calling divorce lawyers, by now. Somewhere, in that saga, there’s a whole big pile of “bad judgment” swilling around.


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