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Back! Boeing and Sarkozy

I’m back – and apologize for the disconnect.


 I picked up a bug, and was sidelined!  It just saps one’s energy.  I went to get my flu shot as soon as I felt better.


However, I should not, WOULD not and could NOT let “The Big Day” roll around without posting. So even if I’m sitting here coughing, I just HAVE to type something.


Did you hear the latest with Palin? A Canadian comedian from Montreal called her, pretending to be the Prime Minister of France, Monsieur Sarkozy, and Sacre Bleu! Palin thought another maverick was calling! I guess if Sarkozy stands atop the Eiffel Tower, he could, conceivably, sort of…see the Kremlin’s turrets, I suppose!


             I’m a little worried about how blacks will react on Election Night, if Obama loses? Are you perhaps secretly thinking about it, but pushing it down because it is too scary to bring up? Much like blacks are too afraid to bring up the fact that someone COULD TRY TO KILL OBAMA?


             John McCain says Obama is already measuring the drapes for the Oval Office, meaning he’s already preparing to take over. But he, McCain, should also be doing that too. That’s part of McCain’s problem. He does not do the calculated preparedness that he should engage in BEFORE he rushes to act!


That is what made him choose Sarah Palin as a running mate. The same Palin who’s now trying to push him straight under his Straight Talk bus so SHE can keep her own career rolling straight to 2012! Poor Judgment! On McCain’s part! That Sarah – they don’t call HER barracuda for nothing!


 McCain should already have a team in mind that he should be sounding out by asking, IF I WIN, can you come join me? There’s nothing wrong with that! Long as he’s doing it discretely. Obama should be doing the same thing. All the Oscar nominees go to the show with a prepared speech, (except those who are confident/fluent enough to ad-lib). But only one person gets to use that speech. We don’t think they’re pushy, do we? No, we see them as prepared! Well, except for McCain. For him — planning that far ahead is elitist!


             And finally…


Remember that Boeing contract that McCain likes to boast about! The one he says cut waste! Not so fassst!!


McCain claims he blocked a Pentagon contract with Boeing for a new fleet of mid-air refueling tankers. He called it a taxpayer rip-off, caused a stink; senate investigated and found the Air Force and some lawmakers were way too cozy. So a top Air Force officer and Boeing’s CFO ended up in prison. The Air Force cancelled the contract…and according to McCain, he saved taxpayers 6 billion-dollars.


Never mind that European companies were getting the contract. McCain knew Joe “The Plumber” would be their first hire! Way to go, Joe! EADS has a location in Cassablanca. They could even send you over there!


But a Newsweek article (June 30/2008 “McCain’s Boeing Battle Boomerangs”) says re-wind! Wheel and Come Again, John McCain!


<Em>According to Newsweek, government auditors find the army was wrong to put the contract up for re-bid. The 36-billion-dollar bid went to Boeing’s main rival – European Aeronautic Defense and Space Company (EADS) and Northrop Grumman. (<strong>Five of McCain’s top advisers and fund raisers were registered lobbyists for The European Space Company (EADS</strong>). To make a long story short, McCain wrote to the Pentagon, they say, to pressure (well, the word the pentagon guy used to Newsweek was “bully”) them into giving the Europeans a competitive edge. The Pentagon officials in the article seem to think that EADS lobbyists wrote those letters.


McCain’s campaign says the letters reflect McCain’s views and were not written by lobbyists! </em>


The McCain campaign also refused to answer more questions about the role of lobbyists in the whole affair.


End result: The pentagon may have to rebid the contract: AGAIN! And the costs keep piling up!


As a member of The Lexington Institute, a defense Think Tank told Newsweek: “<strong>This shows how a sort of <em>naïve</em> crusade for good government can actually backfire.”</strong>


With McCain…I’m NOT surprised.



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