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When Mavericks Fight!

Judgment again!

John McCain and Sarah Palin are feuding over which one of them is causing the ticket to slump…the most!

Now he’s blaming HER! John McCain is blaming Sarah Palin! For HIS poor judgment! Now THAT’S poor judgment!

Come on John McCain!

Sarah Plain is NOT my kind of gal. The one and only time I laced on ice skates, I was clinging as perilously to the side of the rink…as Palin is now clinging to her reputation! But still, DO NOT BLAME PALIN ENTIRELY for your campaign’s derailment, Senator McCain. You’re implying that YOU did everything right, while SHE did everything wrong!

Now I’ve heard rumors about McCain’s misogyny; how he reportedly tore into his wife (with others present) and called her a c_ _ _! But I saw on T-V, during the Primaries, how McCain sneered, AND DID NOT REBUKE someone standing with him on the SAME stage who questioned, in reference to Hillary Clinton: how republicans plan to deal with the b _ _ _ _?

So now why am I NOT surprised that he’s blaming Plain…for his own camp’s disarray?

Here’s a man who, when faced with choosing a vice-presidential running mate, had all of America at his disposal! That’s 300 million people! After narrowing it down, he could have ended up with at least 5 thousand. (Say roughly about 100 prospective candidates per state! ) Whittle it down some more, and you get about two dozen good, solid candidates. Now, at that point, McCain has to seriously hunker down and really narrow it to a few top candidates.

 He could have chosen: Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney;
 Minnesota Governor, Tim Pawlenty;
 Former: Pennsylvania governor, member – U.S. House of Representatives and Homeland Security Secretary, Tom Ridge;
 Louisiana Governor, Bobby Jindall;
 Florida Governor, Charlie Crist;
 Texas Senator (female) Kay Bailey Hutchinson;
 U.S Secretary of State, (female) Condoleezza Rice;
 Connecticut Democrat turned “independent” now looking verry republican; Senator Joseph Lieberman,
 Former Hewlett-Packard ( HP) CEO, (female) Carly Fiorina
 And Alaska Governor, (female) SARAH PALIN.

Here’s how I think HE did it:


Now let’s weed out the elitists…like:

Romney. He went to Harvard. Ivy League
Ridge…went to Harvard, also! Ivy league
Jindall…went to Brown University. So Ivy League

(According to Wikipedia: The Ivy League is an athletic conference comprising eight private institutions of higher education in the Northeastern U.S… The term is most commonly used to refer to those eight schools considered as a group. The term also has connotations of academic excellence, selectivity in admissions, and a reputation for social elitism.)

Tim Pawlenty.
University of Minnesota. He’s good! Studied law? Brains there…? We’ll get back to him!

• Charlie Crist.
Florida State University. Florida, eh? Hey, wait a minute! He studied LAW, too!? One’s enough! He’s out

• Kay Bailey Hutchinson
Texas, yes! LAW too? What’s with all these smart people? Too many opinions. She can actually TALK to the press, WITHOUT A PREPARED SCRIPT! She’s out. OUT!

• Condoleezza Rice
(Flies into a rage)

• Carly Farina
Ultra super elitist blabbermouth! Why didn’t she stay home and have babies, anyway? Next!

• Joe Lieberman
Boy, would I like to rub Joe (Another Joe!) and keep rubbing Joe into the faces of those damn conservative “elitists” who HATE me! Why do they hate me, anyway? Yes, I’m against pork. But so what? If my fellow republican lawmakers feel constrained in bringing home the bacon, it’s not because of me!

Our (non-elitist) women know how to make do with nothing. Just ask my poor wife, Cindy! The other day we ran out of Champagne at one of my 7 houses, so she called France, and we actually HAD to use of our 13 vehicles to go and pick it at the airport! Yes, I love Joe Lieberman. I love him, I tell you, but he went to Yale! He’s Elitist!!! He’s my friend. But elitists can’t hide. I know where elitists live!

Who’s left?

Sarah Palin.
Now here’s a pretty one. If she can perk up old geezers like me, imagine what SHE’ll do for the younger crowd! Did we find anyone who can pass as non-elitist among the batch? Pawlenty? Hey guys? We have Pawlenty (holds up a photo of the Minnesota governor. Gets little reaction) and Palin (he holds up her photo (from Miss Alaska/swimsuit! Place erupts). We’ve made a decision. It’s Sarah Palin!

Now he is blaming HER!

So even though I don’t like Sarah Palin, by Golly, McCain, I won’t let you blame it all on her! Yes, she’s a drag on the ticket, She wasn’t the best qualified. Whatever! But LEAVE PALIN ALONE.

To blame her – now, IN PUBLIC! His campaign is calling her a “diva who likes her own way.” (We already knew that? 150-thousand-dollars on clothes!) She immediately gave spouses, moms and others everywhere grave cause for concern, when they saw their loved ones, (who were contentedly watching T-V, when news of Palin’s mega shopping spree broke) abruptly get up, take their credit card, and announce they’re going shopping…also!!

Well, Ms. Palin…you now have someplace convenient? close to home? to plant your stilettos…don’t cha?

And doggone it, you should!

Demand a sticker campaign! (Just to prove that you really are a diva, who knows exactly what she’s talking about!)

I bet she’d get more votes than YOU — John McCain!


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