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Latest Scare Tactic: Taxes

John McCain is now telling Americans that democrats, especially Obama, want to take their hard-earned money (er, in some cases-NOT so hard earned, as in Pentagon contracts…Dick Cheney’s Halliburton ring a bell?) and give it to losers like the single moms who need subsidized day-care so they can work. Or the returned military vet who was traumatized in Iraq…or the student who is already laboring under debt, but must take more…or the small business people who need a tax break to stay on their feet.

McCain is gunning for these un-American folks…and he’s decided to use Joe Plumber to make his case. There are even rumors that Plumber will be joining McCain on the campaign trail. Which begs the judgment question: Shouldn’t McCain be running as far away from Joe Plumber as he can? This guy is not the poster boy I’d want for my campaign.

Seems Mr. Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher was plumbing, without a plumbing license. He says he’s planning to buy a 300-thousand-dollar plumbing company. But he doesn’t have 12-hundred-dollars to pay a tax lien the State of Ohio slapped on him, for NOT paying his taxes! Two local Portland, Oregon radio hosts launched a campaign to raise funds to help Plumber pay his back taxes.

They also raised enough to cover the $500 Plumber needs to get his license. Now all they have to do is raise 280-thousand to help him buy that business he told Obama he was planning to buy. (Am I the only one thinking that republicans put him up to this?)

Note to McCain: (1) this guy doesn’t like paying taxes. Find somebody who actually does to be your Poster Boy. (2) Stop hooking up with people who have negative baggage.

McCain’s pet cry these days: Obama will raise your taxes, Run!!! Listen America, it doesn’t matter if you:

Don’t have health care. You can die from an infection, but you’ll go with the satisfaction of knowing that Republicans are in power…AND THEY DIDN’T RAISE YOUR TAXES!

It doesn’t matter if the factory where you worked closed down, and shipped overseas. Now people in India, China and Mexico are doing your job. Don’t worry, be happy! Republicans are in power AND THEY WON’T BE RAISING TAXES!.

• So what if we bomb Iran, huh? And Hezbollah gets mad? Who cares? Republicans are in power AND YOU BETCHA–NO MORE TAXES!

• The economy is tanking, you’ve lost your job, or house, or both…and credit card debt is squeezing you so tightly, you can’t breathe. That’s O-K. Republicans are in power…THEY’RE NOT GONNA RAISE YOUR TAXES.

• The national Debt is a gazillion-trillion. Hey, hey…ho, ho…! Republicans are the way to go, ‘cause WE ARE IN POWER AND WE WON’T RAISE TAXES.

• 12-billion-dollars a month going into Iraq. That’s a lot of tax dollars going down that drain. But who cares anyway? This is old tax dollars. Republicans are in power, SO NO NEW TAXES.

• Osama bin Laden is making new tapes, Afghanistan is negotiating with the Taliban. Pakistan is a mess and Lebanon is simmering. Say what…? Republicans are in power AND NO NEW TAXES.

• Your kids are going to shitty schools…their kids are going to private school…here we go again, Republicans are in power AND THEY’RE NOT RAISING YOUR TAXES.

• Bridge fell down with you on it…same refrain… Republicans are in power AND THEY’RE NOT RAISING TAXES

I was talking to someone who read of a book that explains why many of the poor people who buy into this kind of politics are trapped in poverty. The argument goes that the GOP feeds them this No Tax Bull election year after election year, and they buy it, never noticing that the GOP does nothing for them. No schools, no jobs, no education…Just a No Tax promise every 4 years! Duuhh!

In the meantime, republicans are giving their rich friends tax cuts and big contracts in Iraq and elsewhere. And what are you getting, Joe Six Pack? NO NEW TAXES! Take that to the bank. Whichever one is still standing…by the time you read this.


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