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FACTS are Inconvenient Things.

Sarah Palin now says that Democrats must stop looking backwards. She says the Obama campaign is looking back and using the past to blame republicans for their misdeeds. She said that with a straight face, too! Palin has been “looking back” to blame Obama for something that a fellow board member did some thirty years ago. Can somebody please ask Palin why it’s O-K for her to go back decades and blame democrats…but democrats cannot go back 8-years and blame republicans?

She’d probably say: “well, when republicans look back, we are not really going back, doggone it, we’re just looking at the future and seeing where Obama’s likely to go…you know…I’m a hockey mom and threatening to talk to people like Castro without preconditions, when in fact he’s been talking to Ayers without preconditions for so many years…?

This kind of plain talk is just what board members across America are waiting for, and the liberal elite media won’t go after these board members, who are consorting with past KKK members and other extremists and secessionists…but, you betcha, I’m willing to take them on, because with people like Putin and the democrats…I have just one word for them…lipstick!”

Meantime, governor Sarah Palin today insisted that she did nothing wrong when she and her husband tried desperately to get her sister’s ex-husband fired from his job as a state trooper in Alaska. Governor Palin and her husband apparently tried to force Alaska’s Public Safety Commissioner to fire the trooper. The commissioner says they kept coming at him, as though it was an obsession, and when he resisted, Palin fired him!

The official BIPARTISAN report on “Trooper Gate “finds that Palin abused her power, and violated state ethics laws. But Palin INSISTS that according to the report, there was nothing “unlawful or unethical about replacing a cabinet member.” She says the truth is that the report shows there was no unlawful or unethical activity on her part.

So what’s going on here? I listened to a report today by ABC’s Jake Tapper, on The New England Cable News, (NECN), and here’s what I gathered. According to Tapper, the report clearly finds there was something “clearly unethical about efforts by Palin and her husband to fire her sister’s ex-husband…” But Palin is cherry picking and disregarding that part. She’s latching on the part of the report that refers to firing the commissioner. It finds there was nothing unethical about replacing a cabinet member.

But the report finds “Governor Sarah Palin abused her power by violating The Alaska Executive Branch Ethics Act, when she tried to get her ex brother-in-law fired for personal reasons”.

Yet Palin insists she did nothing wrong. She told reporters in her home state of Alaska, she’s very, very happy to be cleared of any legal wrong-doing…and any hint of any kind of unethical activity!

Tapper says the report did not clear Palin of unethical activity! The report says the Palin’s claims that the ex-brother-in-law was violent and should not be a state trooper was just a cover the Palins used to mask their real motivation: that they wanted the trooper fired for personal, family-related reasons.

This cherry picking reminds me of “Weapons of Mass Destruction” and the way the Bush Administration picked the information that bolstered their case for war in Iraq, and fed it to Joe Six-Pack American Public. Republican Sarah Palin, (like the Bush Administraion), is simply latching on to the part that suits her position at the moment, and is ignoring, disregarding or discrediting the rest. Facts are inconvenient things…

All this has Joy Behar of ABC’s The View referring to Sarah Palin as: “Cheney in a skirt.” This election is definitely NOT dull!


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