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Planned Parenthood, Palin and Sancho Panza!

Planned Parenthood is benefitting from John McCain’s choice of running mate. Pro-choicers are reportedly so outraged over Sarah Palin’s anti-abortion views, (she supports abortion only if the mother’s life is in danger: would not allow her daughter to have an abortion, even if she was raped) about 50-thousand people have contributed more than a million-dollars to Planned Parenthood, in Sarah Palin’s name! The majority are first-time givers.

If donors choose, Planned Parenthood will send a thank you post card to the McCain campaign, for every donation they get. Oops! (I don’t support abortion, but I do support a woman’s right to choose, even if she ends up making what I think may be the wrong decision!)

• I watched footage of a McCain campaign stop where angry supporters demanded to know why he wasn’t clobbering Obama over the head with past associations. They didn’t seem interested in McCain’s solutions to deal with health insurance; the current state of the economy; a tanking housing and stock market and tepid support from allies to achieve U.S. foreign policy goals.

Their focus was not on how to end the Iraq war that’s draining the already drained economy or the apparently unwinnable Afghanistan morass. (According to the British commander in Afghanistan, that war cannot be won. He says America should negotiate a settlement with the Taliban. Something the Afghan government led by President Hamid Karzai is already reportedly doing!?).

Nope, those McCain supporters seemed more concerned with “swift-boating” Obama.

One man grabbed the mike and professed: “I’m mad, and I’m really mad… It’s not the economy. It’s the socialist taking over our country…When you have an Obama, Pelosi*, and the rest of the hooligans up there gonna run this country, we’ve got to have our head examined…we are mad.” (*House speaker, democrat Nancy Pelosi.)

Hooligans..? Running the U-S government? Hello angry peoples! You know you’re pissed off at George Bush for wrecking your party; and at yourself for picking John McCain as your nominee; and at McCain for picking Sarah Palin as his running mate; and at Palin for not being able to zealously embrace republican family values like morality, abstinence and chastity, among others. Come on, now!

• Leading columnist George Will (Washington Post) is one conservative who’s calling a spade a spade…or a Sancho Panza! Will knows whom he’s not happy with — the McCain/Palin ticket! He says “It is arguable that McCain, because of his boiling moralism and bottomless reservoir of certitudes, is not suited to the presidency. Unreadiness can be corrected, although perhaps at great cost, by experience. Can a dismaying temperament be fixed?

Will refers to Palin as McCain’s female “Sancho Panza.” (Sancho Panza is a character in Spanish author Cervantes’ novel “Don Quixote.” Panza is illiterate and proud of it.) According to George Will, given the economic crisis that America is now going through, “the McCain-Palin campaign’s attempt to get Americans to focus on Obama’s Chicago associations seem surreal – or, as a British politician once said about criticism he was receiving, ‘like being savaged by a dead sheep’…”. OUCH!


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Hi. I am a long time reader. I wanted to say that I like your blog and the layout.

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