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Testy McCain Defends Palin

Republican presidential candidate John McCain is getting testy over running mate Sarah Palin’s experience…or lack thereof.

That’s according to an article by the Associated Press (AP). McCain reportedly appeared irritable and at times sarcastic in an interview in which he defended his running mate.

McCain was meeting with the editorial board of The Des Moines Register, September 30. And reporters asked him why he picked the Alaska governor. McCain said he disagreed with the questioner’s “fundamental principle that she doesn’t have the experience.” McCain says Palin worked as a Parent Teacher’s Association (PTA) member, city council member, mayor and governor. According to McCain, the American people seem to be siding with him!

So, Mr. McCain, does Palin’s lack of experience worry voters?

Nope. The AP says McCain turned sarcastic over that question.

“Really? I haven’t detected that in the polls, I haven’t detected that among the base…If there’s a Georgetown cocktail party person who, quote, calls himself a conservative who doesn’t like her, good luck. I don’t dismiss him.” (Ouch!) .

On Tuesday, Sarah Palin characterized herself as “an everyday, working-class American”…“Joe six-pack,” (her words) who knows how it feels when the stock market takes a hit. She says their/her husband’s retirement account lost 20 thousand dollars when the market tanked.

According to the AP, the Palin’s assets include: a half-million-dollar home on a lake with a float-plane at the dock, two vacation retreats, commercial-fishing rights worth an estimated 50-thousand-dollars or more and an income last year of at least 230-thousand-dollars. Still, as the AP put it, in Alaska, roads are scarce so private planes are commonplace.

I’m wondering…in rural West Virginia and Kentucky, (like Appalachia) bad roads mean what? A Hummer?


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