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To Debate, Or Not To Debate? Is That The Question?

John McCain is running scared! Down in the polls for two minutes, he’s in full panic mode. (Quick, hide the nuclear bomb triggers!) When Obama was down last week, he was Mr. Cool. He didn’t come up with gimmicks. He didn’t feel a need to bom-bom-bomb, bomb-bomb anything. He just kept on campaigning. And it apparently paid off. HE didn’t make NBC interrupt my programming (OK, I was watching Family Feud. I’m elitist – so what?) to announce campaign suspensions.

I heard suspending, but it didn’t really register. I though ending/curtailing/finis—visions of Mitt Romney danced before my eyes. And I went, yes! Alas, he was only suspending! Darn! Anyway…here he comes, John McCain, on his steel horse, (made with metal from China, no doubt) to rescue the dying economy.

And what exactly is his kiss of life? What’s HE going to do among those pesky insiders he’s been bashing lately? Hold George Bush’s hand? Huddle with Fed chief Bernanke and Treasury Secretary Paulson and rewrite their scripts. McCain’s fellow republicans did after all rewrite scientific data they did not like, at the Food and Drug Administration and on Global Warning.

Maybe he can testify before the Senate Banking Committee. He could use his past involvement in the very similar Savings and Loan scandal (1980’s) to give Americans some insight into how these things fester and grow? Or he could just call on his good buddy Joe Lieberman to knock some sense into Democrats…?

McCain needs to leave Washington alone. Democrats and republicans seem to be doing just fine without him. They may not be going as fast as the White House wants. But CEO’s who rode their institutions into the ground should not be allowed to leave with millions in golden parachutes. They need to feel some pain. They need to hurt, too! Homeowners losing their homes should not be the only ones bleeding.

McCain cannot speed up anything. In fact, he might just be a bigger distraction! He needs to continue campaigning and tell Americans how he plans to fix the mess, if he becomes the next president, in a few weeks. That’s what we want to hear. IF THERE’S A VOTE, GO AND VOTE. We’ll get that message, loudly, clearly, without gimmicks. WE DO NOT NEED MORE COMMITTEES, EITHER. There are already too many committees clogging the good old boy network!

Obama, if I was advising you, I would tell you. Keep on campaigning! You can’t do anything in Washington, either! And above all, do not let McCain, Mr. Foreign Policy Expert, wriggle out of Friday’s (November 26) debate. Strange, you’d think McCain would rush to debate Obama on foreign policy, especially now that he has a foreign policy wonk like Sarah Palin by his side. With Palin explaining to McCain the difference between Sunnis and Shiites, how can he not debate?


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