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Financial Meltdown 101

I don’t know about you – but I understand this financial mess so much better now, after President Bush explained it, Wednesday (September 24) night. And now, he wants McCain and Obama to help. Er…run that by me again. President Bush needs input from Obama? The same Obama, who, according to republicans, doesn’t know anything about nothing?

Mr. Bush could easily caucus with McCain – the sage, along with Cheney, the three R’s, (Rice, Rove, Rumsfeld), Paulson and CEO’s from Fannie, Freddie, Merrill Lynch and Goldman Sachs, Paulson’s old employer. They could hammer out an agreement, all by themselves. The White House followed that scenario to invade Iraq and according to them, it’s a success. I see another Mission Accomplished! Why spoil a good thing?

Umm…did Mr. Bush say why he wants 700 billion…instead of 500 billion…or even 100 billion? What’s the formula? We give 75 billion to Company A, 125 billion to Company B and 500 billion to everyone else? Will that money be shelled out now… or over time? And if so, how many months or years are we talking about? Not that Americans really need to know that, of course…I’m just blogging’!

Now if those big institutions are allowed to go under, can/will smaller entities take up the slack, hire and grow? Will the doom and gloomy “end of the financial world scenario” come to pass, or is that overkill? Do we need or have the stomach for a Phoenix rising from the ashes? Then again, as Phil Gramm put it, when he was co-chair of the McCain campaign, it’s all in your head. So stop whining! Break out of your “mental recession” and go back to work, in China!

Anyway, I feel better knowing that the White House is on top of things…and that McCain and Obama are holding White House invitations to negotiate for us. We have two presidential want to be’s and one president who has been. Let’s just spin it this way. Three presidents are on the case, stop worrying.

Biden, Palin and I – we’ll be in Alaska moose hunting. Call us when some more diplomats come to town!

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